Friday, July 1

A Quilt or Two

I realize that my posts have been kind of sporadic throughout the summer, probably because of how busy my summer is.

I've already posted on how much we've been traveling, which continues this week as we head to Wichita for Rebekah & Andrew's wedding then even more north on the Fourth to Iowa to celebrate my grandpa John's 80th birthday! Likewise, my family has a ton of birthday's during the summer too! Mom's birthday was last week, Jordan's is on Sunday (July 3rd), Dad's birthday is on the 13th, and mine is on the 19th. My best friend Aly's birthday is the 14th of July and there are at least four other birthday's of importance during this month too! As you can imagine, we are eating a ton through all this traveling and birthday celebrating. I don't think I've been actually hungry yet!

Needless to say, I am not neglecting my little blog on purpose. I actually miss it! I've been really busy on four projects since my last crafty post.

I completed my first project on my new sewing machine (a while ago) which was a duffel bag.

I painted a picture of Thunder on canvas to go with the portrait of Juno I already did. This portrait was my mom's birthday present from me. She was absolutely thrilled. She is waiting on the custom frame to be able to hang it up next to Juno's painting (I'll post a picture of him in his frame once she gets it!).

I've sewn TWO quilts on my sewing machine! Both were inspired by Patchwork magazine. The magazine is full of project ideas from slippers to pet beds and key chains to kitchen towels!

One quilt I did for Jordan's 21st birthday. I know - a quilt in the middle of summer for his 21st birthday? Yep, I didn't really think about the quilt in the summer part but everyone else is getting him fun stuff for his 21st so needless to say, I don't need to. :) The second, I sewed for myself because I am the blanket queen. I have way to many blankets already so let me just add another... well I suppose I'm adding two since Jordan and I live together ;)

Jordan's quilt is a patchwork quilt inspired by a "work shirt" or a flannel shirt. I used three shades of blue fabrics, a light gray, white, and a red fabric. I backed it with a light blue soft and cuddly fabric that they use for baby blankets. We like soft things!

I am super excited about his quilt... it was a lot of work cutting out the strips and sewing them together but it was totally worth it. I'm pleased with the way it came out! He absolutely loved it too! He opened it on Thursday night when we celebrated his birthday out with my parents.

For my quilt, I just went to Jo-Ann's and picked out pretty much all fabrics in various shades of pinks and browns I could find. This quilt was so much easier than Jordan's because the strips were of equal size and bigger! There was no tedious work for mine. His was definitely done out of love.

Voila! First few sewing projects complete!

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