Sunday, July 24

True love stories never end

Saturday, Jordan and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary! In the words of my wonderful husband on facebook, "Wow, one year of marriage! Time flys by when you're having fun!" (I may have corrected his grammer... tehe!)

Several people have asked, "Does it feel like its been a year?" I can't answer that simply at all. The  physical time has seemed to passed very very quickly but on the otherhand I feel like I've been married to my knight in shining armor forever! (Read more on our story here) Sure, there were new additions to our relationship like sharing living quarters and such but nothing seemed like a huge adjustment. Since we dated for a long while before we were married, we really didn't have to many "new" things to learn about eachother.

The one thing that I could say that I learned for sure is that he has a specific way of folding his t-shirts that I was unaware of. The shirts must be folded with the sleeves together (so there isn't an unncessary crease line) and in eighths (so they fit better in his drawers). The silly thing is that we use the same shirts fit perfectly fine in the quarterly fashion that I fold them. ;)

I've absolutely treasured the last 365 days with Jordan as my husband and I am looking forward to the many more days to come...

Our anniversary is a time to look back at the good times and a time to look ahead to live our dreams together

Our past year has truly been filled with friends, family, and eachother. We are still in school in Virginia so the majority of our first year of marriage was focused on school work (and golf for Jordan). We spent many hours surrounded by our friends whether we were playing games, hanging out, catching up, eating dinner, or watching movies. When we were back in Texas for breaks, we had the best time with our families. Time with them is extremely cherished. We also spent tons of wonderful time with eachother just living life and dreaming dreams. Truly, marriage is a gift!

For the past week, Jordan and I were discussing "what we wanted to do" for our anniversary. I assigned him the job of planning the day... unknowingly that he already had the day planned for a few weeks already! He made me think up until the early afternoon of our anniversary that he still didn't know what we were going to do... that little bugger!

After my race that morning, Dad and I met Mom back at their house. We took showers then headed out to meet Jordan at Snooty Pig for breakfast. We casually ate our delicious meals then headed back to my parents house and sat around by the pool and chatted for awhile.

Jordan and I decided at about one o'clock that we better head out to take care of Becky's house (we were housesitting) and hang out with Lucy. We said bye to my parents and the pups then were headed down the street to Becky's. Jordan missed the first entrance to Becky's neighborhood so I thought he was being goofy and going the "long way" around until we missed the second entrance! I knew something was up then!

Jordan makes me play the guessing game on our way out of our little town... well I had no guesses as to what we were doing! A couple miles into the drive, I ruled out one guess because we weren't headed the right way, which was spending the evening at the hotel where were went on our wedding night.

We started to head towards Dallas... there are several ways to get to different areas of Dallas and I get them all confused. Needless to say, I couldn't tell where we were exactly heading... could it be downtown or by the galleria? I wasn't sure! Once we took our exit on Main Street in Downtown... I knew where we were going!

We were going to have dinner at the Tower Club, where we got married exactly a year ago, and we were staying at the Joule hotel just across the street. I was super excited when I figured this out! Not because I figured it out but becuase of the day he had planned! The Joule is a rocking hotel downtown. It's filled with modern decor and absolutely breathtaking. It's known for its 10th floor pool that overhangs onto Main Street.

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We checked in to the Joule, went to check out our 16th floor stunning room, then headed straight for the "poule." We split a club sandwhich since it was late in the afternoon. We hoped in the pool and floated with a couple of drinks. The afternoon was absolutley delightful.

We later got ready for our dinner reservation at the Tower Club. Jordan was absolutely excited to take a shower because they had a rain shower head! He loved it!

I made Jordan open his gift before we went to dinner because I knew he could wear it to dinner and I was also to excited to wait! For weeks probably more like months, he had been complaining that he couldn't find his watch that my parents had given him. We devoured our apartment in search for the watch but it was no where to be found. I didn't get the idea to get him a new watch until I realized that the "modern" first anniversary gift is the gift of a clock. I then got the idea! Duh! He wants a new watch! So I searched all over the city for a beautiful watch and found a gorgeous black Michael Kors one for him at Nordstroms Rack. He absolutely loves it! So I am thrilled!!

When we were all dressed up and fancy we headed down to the lobby, out the door, across the street, into the Thanksgiving Tower, and rode the elevator up to the 48th floor.

We sat next to the window and enjoyed the beautiful view as we enjoyed an appetizer, our dinners, and our desserts! Jordan picked the hazelnut cream brulee for his dessert and I had chocolate fondue! We talked about our future dreams and aspirations as well as our past memories...

Remebering that night, one year ago, was absolutely wonderful. All the dreams that were fufilled in that one night in july of 2010. It was magical then and almost more magical now. I thank God for the huge blessing that he's given me in my other half. He loves, cherishes, honors, and respects me!

Thank you Jordan Alan for the spectacular time that you planned for our first anniversary! I love you!

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