Friday, November 23

A New Season of Thankfulness

Honestly and truly, I have extremely missed writing "in" my blog.
I have thought countless times that I needed to blog about something, however, the craziness of life takes over...

I feel as though the dust is finally starting to settle around us. Not that I don't love it stirring and whirling but it has been an exciting several months. The last time I posted, I had just passed the NCLEX. Wow!

I want to share some of the main things that I am thankful for this holiday season which will really give you an update on our activities over the past several months.

1. Thankful for the freedom to worship the only God who grants complete freedom to His children. What an incredible thing it is to be able to speak of His grace, majesties, love, and blessings freely among His people.

2. Thankful for my self sacrificing husband, Jordan. I have no words to describe how much his love blesses me except for that he simply amazes me daily. Extremely thankful for him, his love, his time, and his devotion.

3. Thankful for the incredible friends and family that surround our lives. Thankful for the countless prayers that they have prayed that have surrounded our journey to where we our today. We are surrounded by two incredible sets of parents whose love knows no bounds. We are surrounded by incredible Godly friends that bring us so much joy, laughter, and fun. Without the people in our lives, we would be completely lost.

3a. I am at a loss for words when it comes to how grateful we are for our parents. They have supported us through every nook and cranny in our lives. They have been our biggest fans and encouragers. We love that God was able to provide for our desire to be near our families. Stated simply, I'll love you forever and I'll love you for always.

3b. For our friends from college, how I miss those past 4 years. Yes, I am grateful to have graduated but looking back on photos of the times we spent with y'all can really make my heart ache for time with you. I miss each and every one of you. Every friendship that we've had at Liberty has molded and shaped us to who we are today. Jordan and I wish we could just pick LU up and move it to DFW so that we could continue on with our friendships that we developed there... however, the love and the memories shared will always continue. I love that we have the ability to stay in contact so easily even though hundreds of miles separate most of us. Thank you for the 4 best years of our lives. I could not have made it through without the support of my girlfriends whose friendships always grew love, kindness, and goofiness. Thank you for the memories built, the times spent, and the love grown. Love you and miss you all extremely!!

3c. To our new and old friends in Texas, we have been praying for new and rekindled friendships in our lives since we have left such strong ones back on Liberty's campus. We have been blessed by all you Texans beyond belief. We are grateful for the hours spent with you... talking, learning, exploring, and laughing! We are even more grateful for more time to come...

4. Thankful for the blessing of jobs. Jordan and I were both blessed with getting jobs shortly after we graduated. Jordan is enjoying being an Business Analyst for Essilor, Inc. He is learning A TON and enjoys the people that he works with. I am astounded by how much I love my job. The actual job is fabulous but what makes caring for people's lives is the coworkers who I do it with on a daily basis. My unit is seriously one big family. The teamwork is unbreakable. The culture of my hospital is amazing as well. We have seriously been blessed by these positions that we hold in these two fabulous companies.

5. Thankful for our a place to call our own! Our first home is absolutely perfect. We moved in September 28 and what a day that was! It is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom little home in a wonderful neighborhood in Grapevine. We have 3 huge trees on our property which I absolutely adore. The neighborhood is perfect with a mix of young and old. The neighbors have been outstanding as well. We have room to grow into this little home of ours and we've been loving making it our own!

6. Thankful for the little guy that we call Moose. Moose is the most exciting thing in the world to me. He is MY first dog. Moose, our Aussiedoodle, came to live with us a week before we moved into our new house. He is vivacious! He loves running, playing, eating, and his mama ;)  He is just a joy and love. He is a big cuddler, which melts my heart. However, he does have a tenacious puppy side. Training him has been so much fun; we are constantly laughing at and with him. Moose is our little baby.

7. Thankful that the list could continue for minutes, hours, and days...

Did that little list of what I am most thankful for give you a glimpse of our lives the past few months? I sure hope so...

Jordan and I can't even begin to count the things that we are thankful for... and for that I am thankful.

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