Our Love Story

The Greatest Love Story Ever Told is Your Own.

How We Met
During the summer of 2005, Jordan's family moved on Caspian Lane where the I had lived for the previous five years. My mom, is a neighborhood socialite and is convinced that everyone should feel welcome when moving into her neighborhood. Because of this, my mom pulled over the car in front of the new neighbor's house so that I could welcome them one day when returning home from running errands. My mom, Aimee, coached me before making me get out of the car that, "Their son is tall, dark, and handsome!!" I preceded to get out of the car in order to introduce myself to the new neighbors, specifically the boy my age, but I  ran into a bit of luck when Grandpa Dean greeted me at the door. He said, "Jordan is out at the golf course right now, I'll have him stop by later." I thought, "Great...my dad is going to love him - a golfer."

So later that day, Jordan and his little brother, Tyler, ride their scooters down to my house, three doors down, and ring the doorbell. I answered and because I was instructed by my mom to do so, invited Jordan to my Wednesday night church youth group. Of course, Jordan accepted because my curly blonde hair caught his eye. ;) Jordan went several times with me to my youth group and then I invited him to my shared 15th birthday party with my best friend Aly and Jordan came!

We hung out the rest of that summer and the following Fall with mutual friends which progressed into Jordan asking me to date on December 26, 2005. Over the next months, we talked and hung out a bit but it wasn't really a dating relationship. So that next July in 2006, we broke off whatever it was and decided just to be friends. We each went our own way for awhile but early that fall, I had texted Jordan informing him that I dyed my hair brown. Why I did this... I wasn't really sure. It must have been God's way of bringing us back together because Jordan was intrigued by this and had to come over to see my new hair do- that I didn't really have.

Somehow, this event sparked a connection between us again and we started talking everyday. Eventually, Jordan asked me to be his girlfriend, again, on October 26, 2006. We worked to have their relationship center around Christ and allow Him to be our guiding light.

It's been over six years now since we first met. We've been to countless football games, several family vacations, and gone on plenty of dates together. We've been to three proms together. We've graduated high school together. We both went to study at Liberty University and have absolutely loved our time here. We feel completely blessed to have been able to attend school together and further develop our relationship according to God's will.

The Engagement
The engagement story started when Jordan started planning back in September of 2009, I had aboslutely no idea that he was planning anything! Jordan and his parents schemed this fantastic plan. They asked my parents to come up with an excuse to get me to NYC the weekend of December 18th. Late October, my mom informed me that, my parents and I, would be going to NYC for their anniversary. I was extremely excited about going to NYC over Christmas time. I talked about it all semester long. We would be celebrating my parents' 23rd anniversary on the December 20.

At semester end, Jordan dropped me off at the airport to fly back home. He was supposed to be flying home the next day. When in reality, he was flying to NYC later that same day. I flew home that Thursday and my parents and I headed out in the morning to NYC that Friday the 18th. We arrived in NYC in the early afternoon and spent the day shopping and burrowing through the streets. Unannounced to me, the Frye family, who arrived on Wednesday, hung out in the mall right by Central Park all day!

My family started heading to our 6 o'clock appointment for our carriage ride around Central Park. When we within twenty yards of the meeting place, all I remember is my dad pushing me on my back and saying "Have fun!" Then my eyes widened as I saw Jordan appear out of the crowd. I started to shake and walk backwards as I definitely was not expecting to see my man standing there. I knew exactly what was happening now. Jordan grabbed a hold of me and hugged me so tightly. We stood there and waited for the carriage to appear and then off we went! During our carriage ride around Central Park, Jordan proposed. And, of course, I said yes!! 
The plan was excuted perfectly. I had no idea of the whole thing!

Afterwards, we headed to the mall where both families were camping out. I started crying when I saw the families gathered. That was it - it actually happened! We took cabs back to the hotel and got ready for dinner that night. A limo was waiting outside the hotel for the families. It made one stop to a restaurant for the four parents and Tyler. Then stopped at One if By Land Two if By Sea, one of the top ten most romantic restaurants in the US, for me and my fiance to have dinner.

The restaurant was stunning. All decorated for Christmas with fireplaces going - it was in Aaron Burr's old home. Just fabulous. We ordered and enjoyed our three course meals. On the way home, the Limo driver took us around Times Square and to see other Christmas lights throughout the city! It was a perfect end to the absolute most perfect day!

The Wedding

We were married at 7:30 in the evening on July 23, 2010 at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas. The Tower Club is on the 48th floor of the Thanksgiving Tower overlooking the city in its entirety. The view was spectacular and the wedding was beautiful. Jordan's dad, Greg, was the officiant who married us, which made it extremely personal and wonderful. It was an extremely precious moment for us. We had 250 guests in attendance for the wonderful affair. The reception was a blast as we danced the night away.