Saturday, April 28

Finding a Home

We've been house shopping.... from a far. Well I truly, I've been house shopping.

The way it works is that I do all the searching, digging, finding, and hunting... then Jordan shoots down the houses he doesn't like. It truly is helpful. Do you know how hard it is to eliminate houses from the internet that you've never seen in person? My growing list of our saved houses will attest to the difficulty...

I have 53 houses saved in my little planned out excel spreadsheet. These 53 houses have grabbed my attention somehow. The houses that Jordan declines do not make the list. However, I still have too many.

53 house viewings seems like an impossible task to accomplish. I can say, I am thankful for the options. I've been looking at houses in our little area of the metroplex, close to my work... which hopefully will be close to Jordan's work or else we might have to start the search again! 

It's truly a task but I've been absolutely enjoying it. It's thrilling. There are some houses on my list that need a little TLC but they have great potential and great standing features. There are also some houses that seem really well rounded like even having granite counter-tops and upgraded fixtures. 

The thing is, though, that I can change anything in the house. This is what I keep in mind. Paint colors do not affect me... like they do Jordan. I can see past the ugly decor and the paint, perhaps I have some part of my mother's eye for decorating but Jordan struggles with it a bit.

I can look at a house with potential and see what I would change. There are the obvious like getting new kitchen appliances or ugly wall colors. Then there's the subtle changes that I would like to do like adding some crown molding, changing the hardware throughout the house like on the doors and around the sinks.

I've even been getting emailed updates when the prices change on my 'saved' houses on Homes. Yesterday, two of our houses decreased their price... one by 7k and another by 23k!!! I was jumping for joy. It was thrilling! I felt like I had gotten a deal even though I'm not buying!

We've been doing this little house search for probably just over a week and it's just been fun to think, dream, and play. We're not really sure what our exact plan is for when we move back home to Texas but we're having fun thinking about it all.

There are still things up in the air that need to be nailed down - particularly Jordan's job. Jordan has a lot of opportunities but he just has to decide really what he wants to do and where and how he wants to do it. I also must pass my NCLEX... nothing could really be possible until I pass this sucker.

Right now, we're in dream land. We're planning and aspiring. We've done some calculating as well... which is why I am able to look at these houses. We've been playing with figures and other options to see what our best deal is. 

The main thing is that we just need to be praying for God's direction, timing, and plan. We want to stay within His will and move faster or slower than we should... which is sometimes difficult for a planner like me. However, I have been learning to "let go and Let God" all year long... it's been wonderful!

So needless to say, this is all just big mumbo jumbo about really nothing but dreams and possibilities. We are definitely looking forward to what these summer months have to bring...

Keep your prayers a flowing,
PS: Those are a couple of the fifty-three homes on our list ;)

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