Sunday, April 29

Crabtree Falls

Today we hiked Crabtree Falls. Jordan and I are trying to visit the places that we haven't before we leave this place.

We had planned on hiking for about a week now. However, the weather almost screwed with our plans. We had a nasty morning... it was cold, rainy, and windy. We experienced it when we got up to go to church so we decided that it probably wouldn't be the best day to go. So we notified Max, Abigail, Libby, and Isaac.

We laid down for a nap after church at about 10:30 and when I woke up at about noon, the sun was a shining! I woke Jordan up to tell him but he still thought it wasn't a good idea to hike. Somehow, he changed his mind in a few minutes with some convincing. We let the other couples know... and the day was on!

Ike and Lib were still to join us so we were really excited. Max and Abi were to be missed though. We are hopefully going to do our next hiking adventure with them to Devil's Marbleyard. We made a quick lunch while we waited for the Wendland's to meet us at our place for our wondrous hike. We made the 45 to 60 minute drive to the largest waterfall east of the Rockies.

It was absolutely stunning. The drive was gorgeous. However, it was the typical Virginian windy roads and I actually got nauseated near the end of our journey. I made it though. It felt so good to get out of that truck!

We geared up and headed on the trail. The Wendland's had just come the previous weekend so they were wonderful friends to go again with us! We had so much fun! At first we were taking turns leading the way up but then Jordan took over the job as "nature leader" as Libby called it.

It was a 1.7 mile hike to the top of the waterfall. There were many lookout spots a long the way. I don't think I've seen something so majestic. Just thinking about the power behind a waterfall is crazy. Jordan mentioned that it never stops running, they just don't turn it on for the hikers. It is kind of a crazy thought. The scenery almost seemed fake because it was so beautiful!

It turned out to be an absolutely beautiful day. It was about 68 degrees with a slight slight breeze. The afternoon was full of laughter and exploring. There were a couple slips along the way but we made it both ways! Isaac was our "nature leader" on the way back down... what a wonderful job the boys did! Libby and I were cracking up.

We saw lots of puppy friends which was rather exciting. They were tiring out and had to take breaks too! I told Jordan on the way up how wonderful it would be to have our dog do fun things like this with us.

We finished off the evening with some wonderful pizza for dinner at Ledo's. I always love every  moment that we spend with the Wendland's. They are true treasures to Jordan and I.

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