Sunday, May 20

A New Chapter

Well goodness. I haven't neglected my blog on purpose... we have been seriously busy. The last three weeks flew by! When I went to look when the last time I blogged was... I was in shock! It felt like yesterday that we were at Crabtree Falls with the Wendlands!

I am now writing this as an official college graduate. I officially have received a Bachelors in Science of Nursing (BSN). This all is still surreal to me. I really do not think that I am processing the reality of what is occurring.

The last few weeks were filled with mostly packing, friends, and family. Jordan and I got our whole apartment boxed up and ready for the move! We spent a lot of times with friends including grilling out by the pool, working out, hanging out, getting coffee, and just chatting.

Let me recall and retrace our graduation weekend then I'll move forward again.

The Frye's and Nola arrived in Lynchburg the Thursday before we graduated. We were able to do a late lunch and dinner with them along with some needed shopping in Lynchburg. ;)

My parents arrived Friday morning at the airport. We picked them up and headed to lunch. Jordan and I then had to go campus to check in for graduation which we did as our parents walked around the campus and visited the bookstore. Later Friday evening, we got ready for the Baccalaureate service that was to be held in our basketball area on campus.

Luis Palau, an incredible Evangelist, spoke at our baccalaureate service. His message was for us to dream big dreams, pray big prayers, and to obey God's commands. It was a wonderful message and service. People call Louis the Billy Graham of South America. He was absolutely divine and I think we were all encouraged.

After hearing from Mr. Palau, we all went out to dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant in town called Mi Patron. Of course, it was delicious and we were able to be seated pretty much right away. Then we picked my Grandma Anne up from the airport on our way home.

Rise and Shine it was early for all of us on Saturday morning, May 12. Jordan and I had to be at our soccer stadium at 6:30 am to be able to get all of us graduates through the metal detectors (because of who our commencement speaker was). We hung out at the stadium until it was time for us all to proceed unto the football field for the graduate procession at 8:45. The actual commencement was not to start until 10:00 am but it took that long for all of us to get down there. We were able to see our parents on our walk across the field, which I thought was exciting.

Our chancellor, Jerry Falwell Jr., delivered an excellent speech. Truett Cathy the founder of Chick-fil-a received an award. Then Mitt Romney delivered an excellent commencement address. We were all super impressed. I think he did a spectacular job with his speech. He actually addressed the fact that he was speaking to a bunch of college graduates and was not focused on his political campaign. It is a neat thing to think that the possible next President of the United States spoke at my graduation!

We then went back to the apartment to pack everyone up for our beach week. Jordan and I went our separate ways to our different graduation ceremonies for our majors which began at 3:00 and 3:30. Mine was short and sweet. They delivered awards and certificates and called all of our names as we walked across the stage. It was wonderful to be able to see my professors again. The very ones who touched my life over the past four years. Of course there were hugs and smiles to all of my fellow nursing students. We will always have a bond because we survived together!

Jordan and I are so grateful to have spent the last four years of our live in Lynchburg, Virginia. We will always call Liberty University, home. We are apart of the Liberty family and couldn't be more blessed by the time we've spent here. We had the best of times and made the best of friends! God knew Liberty is where we needed to be. He knew that we would flourish here. He knew that we would make memories and friends that will last a lifetime. I would not change a single thing about our journey at Liberty. We are so grateful to our families for allowing us the opportunity to attend college here. I will miss seeing the Blue Ridge Mountains in the skyline. I will miss the rolling hills and the plentiful trees. I will miss the LU monogram directing me towards school everyday. This place will always be sacred in our hearts.  We are excited to bring our Christian educations out into our fields of work and to be a light among the dark. We love you LU!

Our family then whisked away on the four hour journey to Virginia Beach. We arrived late that night to our rental house. We found the closest restaurant for dinner and jumped in right before closing. We ordered pizzas and garlic knots. The garlic knots were the best ones I have ever had.... and trust me, I've had  a lot!

The next week was spent with hanging out with our loved ones in this spectacular house on Sandbridge Beach. The house had 7 bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms. It was three stories. It had massive porches on each level of the house with hammocks. There was a pool, volleyball court, basketball hoop, and pool table. We rocked the fun out of the place! Not to mention we were a block from the beach!

I speak for all the family when I say we had a blast. Even though we didn't have the best weather because it was cloudy and windy. We had good chill and hang out days. The boys were even able to golf a couple times. While the boys were golfing, us girls went up to the Virginia Beach boardwalk one day and to historical Williamsburg the other day.

We left Friday afternoon to head back towards Lynchburg to pack up the ginormous uHaul and head back south to the great state of Texas. We loaded the uHaul in under two and a half hours then went out to Mi Patron to celebrate. Jordan and I are so grateful to our families for their helping hands and willingness to help us move our things across the country!

Saturday morning, we were all off like the wind! The Frye's headed back towards Dallas while my mom and I took a detour to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina.

Mom and I arrived in Asheville Saturday afternoon just in time to have lunch with one of my favorite people ever, Paige. We ate at the Corner Kitchen which is an adorable restaurant in an old little house in Biltmore Village. Apparently, President Obama ate there when he visited. It was delicious!

Mom and I then spent the rest of the day touring the Biltmore Mansion and Gardens. It was absolutely fabulous. The house alone is 4 acres and has 250 rooms. There is an indoor pool and three kitchens. Along with some incredible decor. 65 fireplaces to warm the thing up! There was so much detail in every aspect of the house it was crazy. George Vanderbilt waited six years for the house to be completed. If you haven't been or heard of it, you need to go and research it! It's fabulous!

We stayed the evening at the Biltmore Inn which is on the property. The room was comfortable and decadent. This morning, we started on our way to Dallas. Mom and I made it just past Knoxville and halfway to Nashville until my car started acting funny.

My engine light turned on then my car started shaking. We pulled over into a gas-station and called insurance to help us. Since it is Sunday, we are kind of out of luck. We had a wonderful tow truck driver bring us and my car to the nearest Audi dealership in Nashville, which was 70 miles away from were we were.

So the graduation adventure really has not ended.... I sit here resting in a hotel room in downtown Nashville, waiting for the Audi dealership to open up tomorrow. We are praying that my car needs only a quick fix! This is where I leave you as the next chapter in Jordan and I's life begin. We are college graduates. We are thrilled to be moving back home to the great state of Texas and look forward to the adventures that lie ahead!

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