Friday, November 23

A New Season of Thankfulness

Honestly and truly, I have extremely missed writing "in" my blog.
I have thought countless times that I needed to blog about something, however, the craziness of life takes over...

I feel as though the dust is finally starting to settle around us. Not that I don't love it stirring and whirling but it has been an exciting several months. The last time I posted, I had just passed the NCLEX. Wow!

I want to share some of the main things that I am thankful for this holiday season which will really give you an update on our activities over the past several months.

1. Thankful for the freedom to worship the only God who grants complete freedom to His children. What an incredible thing it is to be able to speak of His grace, majesties, love, and blessings freely among His people.

2. Thankful for my self sacrificing husband, Jordan. I have no words to describe how much his love blesses me except for that he simply amazes me daily. Extremely thankful for him, his love, his time, and his devotion.

3. Thankful for the incredible friends and family that surround our lives. Thankful for the countless prayers that they have prayed that have surrounded our journey to where we our today. We are surrounded by two incredible sets of parents whose love knows no bounds. We are surrounded by incredible Godly friends that bring us so much joy, laughter, and fun. Without the people in our lives, we would be completely lost.

3a. I am at a loss for words when it comes to how grateful we are for our parents. They have supported us through every nook and cranny in our lives. They have been our biggest fans and encouragers. We love that God was able to provide for our desire to be near our families. Stated simply, I'll love you forever and I'll love you for always.

3b. For our friends from college, how I miss those past 4 years. Yes, I am grateful to have graduated but looking back on photos of the times we spent with y'all can really make my heart ache for time with you. I miss each and every one of you. Every friendship that we've had at Liberty has molded and shaped us to who we are today. Jordan and I wish we could just pick LU up and move it to DFW so that we could continue on with our friendships that we developed there... however, the love and the memories shared will always continue. I love that we have the ability to stay in contact so easily even though hundreds of miles separate most of us. Thank you for the 4 best years of our lives. I could not have made it through without the support of my girlfriends whose friendships always grew love, kindness, and goofiness. Thank you for the memories built, the times spent, and the love grown. Love you and miss you all extremely!!

3c. To our new and old friends in Texas, we have been praying for new and rekindled friendships in our lives since we have left such strong ones back on Liberty's campus. We have been blessed by all you Texans beyond belief. We are grateful for the hours spent with you... talking, learning, exploring, and laughing! We are even more grateful for more time to come...

4. Thankful for the blessing of jobs. Jordan and I were both blessed with getting jobs shortly after we graduated. Jordan is enjoying being an Business Analyst for Essilor, Inc. He is learning A TON and enjoys the people that he works with. I am astounded by how much I love my job. The actual job is fabulous but what makes caring for people's lives is the coworkers who I do it with on a daily basis. My unit is seriously one big family. The teamwork is unbreakable. The culture of my hospital is amazing as well. We have seriously been blessed by these positions that we hold in these two fabulous companies.

5. Thankful for our a place to call our own! Our first home is absolutely perfect. We moved in September 28 and what a day that was! It is a 3 bedroom and 2 bathroom little home in a wonderful neighborhood in Grapevine. We have 3 huge trees on our property which I absolutely adore. The neighborhood is perfect with a mix of young and old. The neighbors have been outstanding as well. We have room to grow into this little home of ours and we've been loving making it our own!

6. Thankful for the little guy that we call Moose. Moose is the most exciting thing in the world to me. He is MY first dog. Moose, our Aussiedoodle, came to live with us a week before we moved into our new house. He is vivacious! He loves running, playing, eating, and his mama ;)  He is just a joy and love. He is a big cuddler, which melts my heart. However, he does have a tenacious puppy side. Training him has been so much fun; we are constantly laughing at and with him. Moose is our little baby.

7. Thankful that the list could continue for minutes, hours, and days...

Did that little list of what I am most thankful for give you a glimpse of our lives the past few months? I sure hope so...

Jordan and I can't even begin to count the things that we are thankful for... and for that I am thankful.

Thursday, June 21

The Dreaded NCLEX

Well this is just going to be a short blurb since I've told pretty much the whole world now...


The good ole state of Texas recognized me as the newest RN on June 19th. So the results are in and official. I am now writing to y'all as Lindsay A. Frye, RN, BSN.

I've been working for that moment for the past four years. I can't believe it has come and gone. Now, the REAL moment of the first day of work as an RN is to come. I start July 9th. Please keep me in your prayers as I learn the ropes of a new hospital system and a new unit. I've already blogged on my work before but it's getting so close now! I can't believe it.

I'm ready for this job. God has called me to be a nurse and God definitely called me to work at Texas Health HEB.  I feel so blessed to be given this opprotunity in life!

Thank y'all ahead of time for your prayers. Much love,

Once You're a Celebrity...

Brad Paisley once sang, "'Cause when you're a celebrity, its adios reality, you can act just like a fool, people think you're cool, no matter what you do, just cause your on tv..."

This is what has happened to my delightful husband. He is and has been on cloud nine since last Tuesday, July 12. I'm sure most of you (our friends and family) have heard or seen the tv clip of my Jordan catching Josh Hamilton's BAT at the Ranger's game!

I thought it would be necessary to have a post on this so that we could remember it forever... actually I don't think he'll need help for that.

Yes, it is a cool thing. It's actually an amazing thing. Not sure how he did it and he's not really sure either but he did. Josh took a big ole swing and the bat went a flying right over to the Frye family. I, of course, wasn't as this game. I had my NCLEX the next morning to worry about. Jordan and his family were there in their season ticket seats... and the miraculous thing occurred. Jordan had to wake me up when he got home from the game to tell me he made ESPN Top 10 plays even though I had to get up in a few hours to take my state boards.

Pretty much instantly Jordan was getting text messages from friends across the nation saying "I JUST SAW YOU ON TV!" or the most popular text "AMAZING CATCH!!" So yes, my husband thinks he is a celebrity. even tweeted "We're still trying to figure out how this fan caught Hamilton's tomahawking flying bat in the stands with 1 hand..."  Yes, he did catch it with one hand. He says he just kind of zoned in on the bat. Everyone else was ducking away but then there is Jordan standing up, turning in, and catching the bat. So funny!
Jordan's in the red hat and blue shirt... see his hand on the bat?
He hasn't gotten off this bat-catching high he's on. He is showing everyone the video. I mean everyone. He has no filter. It's crazy! I've just been cracking up this entire week but it has been insane.

I figured I'll show you the two videos that we have...

Click on the one above and the one below!


So there you have it. I love how Tyler, Jordan's little brother, just sits there so chill with his reflective sunglasses on. My absolute favorite part is watching Greg and Sheila jump up from behind Jordan has he makes the catch, I think you can see that in the first video. The whole family was thrilled!

Needless to say, this has been a bigger event in our household than me passing the NCLEX and becoming an RN. Priorities? Not sure. The family says its cause they didn't have ANY doubts what so ever about me passing, so it wasn't too exciting. Oh such love. ;)

We'll be getting a special case made for Josh's bat that will include the signed ball that he tossed to Jordan as well. We were always Rangers fans but this little event cemented us in for good. Never changing!

Thank y'all for sharing in this silly little event of our lives. We've had great fun with it!

Thursday, June 7

Crazy Summertime

I always have that mindset that summer is going to be an easy breezy, chill out all day kind of feeling but it NEVER is. Why is that? Maybe because we are to consumed with doing tasks. We purposefully busy up our schedules... Americans really don't know how to relax until we remove ourselves away like to a beautiful island in the Caribbean but even in that instance, we tend to fill that time up with excursions around the islands, snorkeling, eating about twenty pounds of food per day, and sand volleyball.

Why do we stress ourselves out? Not sure we will ever truly know why. Perhaps its because our society always has to be doing something bigger and better than the person next to us. pah.

Since Jordan and I have been back in the great ole state, we've managed to accomplish a whole lot of busyness. I'm having to look back at my Instagram pictures to remind me of things we've done!

Of course, I've rubbed a bunch of puppy dog bellies and received one million and one kisses from the darn things. That's probably been one of the highlights of being home... having those puppies around! ;)

Jordan, Jake, and I spent a Thursday morning watch the pro golfers play their first day of the Colonial golf tournament. I absolutely adore watching golf in person... :) We got to see Zach Johnson go five under for the first day. We saw a bunch of fun guys, as always. Although, I must admit one of my favorite things was discovering that my dream of having a frozen Arnold-Palmer came true.... they had them at the Colonial!

We headed out to see Joe Nichols in concert with a big ole gang of friends. We went the Frye's, Hayley, Aly, Dwyer, Caleb, and my cousin Scott and his fiance who were in town! Joe was absolutely wonderful! It was so much fun to be in the Billy Bob's atmosphere and just listen to some good ole country music with our boots on. He sang his songs like "Gimmie that girl," "Cool to be a fool," "Tequila makes her clothes fall off," "I'll wait for you" (one of Jordan and I's songs), "The Impossible,"Who are you when I'm not looking," and "size matters!" It was a whole bunch of fun!!

We then spent the rest of that first weekend lounging around the pool with family friends. I have gotten some tanning done or so says my best friends that have seen me via skype. Then Scott, Chelsey, Jordan, and I did the touristy thing around Dallas. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium which always amazes me. We headed to Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot just outside of the Texas Book Depository. We stopped by the bronze bulls of Dallas. We toured the Cowboys Stadium VIP style and did a tour of the American Airlines Center. Of course, we had to do breakfast at Ham & Eggs which serves the biggest panckaes and biscuit n' gravy you have ever seen!

We topped Chelsey and Scott's visit off their last night with a Rangers game! It was so nice to be back in that ballpark. It really makes it feel like summer!

We celebrated one of the most wonderful woman's birthday's I know. Nola Marie was honored at a tea party thrown by her daughter. It was so nice to be gathered with a bunch of inspiring women! I also attended a tea party as a shower for my friend Adrienne's wedding shower! That was delightful as well.

Jordan has made it out to the hunting lease just once... no hogs were killed but some fish were caught and released! The boys had fun being out there again. They talk about the lease ALL the time. He also has been doing a lot of golfing trying to prepare for some amateur tournaments that he is in this summer. Jordan is gone this weekend in Boca Raton at one of his best friend's, Preston, weddings.

Also, Jordan has sent out his resume to a good handful of business men and women that he knows in hopes of finding a job through excellent connections. We are just praying that the Lord provides, as He always does. We are also praying that God will lead him to the job that Jordan needs and will love!

I've spent a whole lot of time studying for my NCLEX. I take it next Wednesday... which is six days from now. I am not really nervous because I don't really get that way. However, I am still praying for peace and success going into this test! It's been four years of studying for this beast and I can't wait to have the satisfaction of writing "RN" after my name. :) I did get my diploma in the mail today, so at least I'm partially legit.

What blessings we have experienced by being reunited with friends and family for the summer. Jordan and I are looking forward to all that is to come still. Maybe there will be a couple days of relaxation after I take this test down... just maybe!

Much love,