Thursday, June 7

Crazy Summertime

I always have that mindset that summer is going to be an easy breezy, chill out all day kind of feeling but it NEVER is. Why is that? Maybe because we are to consumed with doing tasks. We purposefully busy up our schedules... Americans really don't know how to relax until we remove ourselves away like to a beautiful island in the Caribbean but even in that instance, we tend to fill that time up with excursions around the islands, snorkeling, eating about twenty pounds of food per day, and sand volleyball.

Why do we stress ourselves out? Not sure we will ever truly know why. Perhaps its because our society always has to be doing something bigger and better than the person next to us. pah.

Since Jordan and I have been back in the great ole state, we've managed to accomplish a whole lot of busyness. I'm having to look back at my Instagram pictures to remind me of things we've done!

Of course, I've rubbed a bunch of puppy dog bellies and received one million and one kisses from the darn things. That's probably been one of the highlights of being home... having those puppies around! ;)

Jordan, Jake, and I spent a Thursday morning watch the pro golfers play their first day of the Colonial golf tournament. I absolutely adore watching golf in person... :) We got to see Zach Johnson go five under for the first day. We saw a bunch of fun guys, as always. Although, I must admit one of my favorite things was discovering that my dream of having a frozen Arnold-Palmer came true.... they had them at the Colonial!

We headed out to see Joe Nichols in concert with a big ole gang of friends. We went the Frye's, Hayley, Aly, Dwyer, Caleb, and my cousin Scott and his fiance who were in town! Joe was absolutely wonderful! It was so much fun to be in the Billy Bob's atmosphere and just listen to some good ole country music with our boots on. He sang his songs like "Gimmie that girl," "Cool to be a fool," "Tequila makes her clothes fall off," "I'll wait for you" (one of Jordan and I's songs), "The Impossible,"Who are you when I'm not looking," and "size matters!" It was a whole bunch of fun!!

We then spent the rest of that first weekend lounging around the pool with family friends. I have gotten some tanning done or so says my best friends that have seen me via skype. Then Scott, Chelsey, Jordan, and I did the touristy thing around Dallas. We went to the Dallas World Aquarium which always amazes me. We headed to Dealey Plaza where JFK was shot just outside of the Texas Book Depository. We stopped by the bronze bulls of Dallas. We toured the Cowboys Stadium VIP style and did a tour of the American Airlines Center. Of course, we had to do breakfast at Ham & Eggs which serves the biggest panckaes and biscuit n' gravy you have ever seen!

We topped Chelsey and Scott's visit off their last night with a Rangers game! It was so nice to be back in that ballpark. It really makes it feel like summer!

We celebrated one of the most wonderful woman's birthday's I know. Nola Marie was honored at a tea party thrown by her daughter. It was so nice to be gathered with a bunch of inspiring women! I also attended a tea party as a shower for my friend Adrienne's wedding shower! That was delightful as well.

Jordan has made it out to the hunting lease just once... no hogs were killed but some fish were caught and released! The boys had fun being out there again. They talk about the lease ALL the time. He also has been doing a lot of golfing trying to prepare for some amateur tournaments that he is in this summer. Jordan is gone this weekend in Boca Raton at one of his best friend's, Preston, weddings.

Also, Jordan has sent out his resume to a good handful of business men and women that he knows in hopes of finding a job through excellent connections. We are just praying that the Lord provides, as He always does. We are also praying that God will lead him to the job that Jordan needs and will love!

I've spent a whole lot of time studying for my NCLEX. I take it next Wednesday... which is six days from now. I am not really nervous because I don't really get that way. However, I am still praying for peace and success going into this test! It's been four years of studying for this beast and I can't wait to have the satisfaction of writing "RN" after my name. :) I did get my diploma in the mail today, so at least I'm partially legit.

What blessings we have experienced by being reunited with friends and family for the summer. Jordan and I are looking forward to all that is to come still. Maybe there will be a couple days of relaxation after I take this test down... just maybe!

Much love,

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