Thursday, June 21

Once You're a Celebrity...

Brad Paisley once sang, "'Cause when you're a celebrity, its adios reality, you can act just like a fool, people think you're cool, no matter what you do, just cause your on tv..."

This is what has happened to my delightful husband. He is and has been on cloud nine since last Tuesday, July 12. I'm sure most of you (our friends and family) have heard or seen the tv clip of my Jordan catching Josh Hamilton's BAT at the Ranger's game!

I thought it would be necessary to have a post on this so that we could remember it forever... actually I don't think he'll need help for that.

Yes, it is a cool thing. It's actually an amazing thing. Not sure how he did it and he's not really sure either but he did. Josh took a big ole swing and the bat went a flying right over to the Frye family. I, of course, wasn't as this game. I had my NCLEX the next morning to worry about. Jordan and his family were there in their season ticket seats... and the miraculous thing occurred. Jordan had to wake me up when he got home from the game to tell me he made ESPN Top 10 plays even though I had to get up in a few hours to take my state boards.

Pretty much instantly Jordan was getting text messages from friends across the nation saying "I JUST SAW YOU ON TV!" or the most popular text "AMAZING CATCH!!" So yes, my husband thinks he is a celebrity. even tweeted "We're still trying to figure out how this fan caught Hamilton's tomahawking flying bat in the stands with 1 hand..."  Yes, he did catch it with one hand. He says he just kind of zoned in on the bat. Everyone else was ducking away but then there is Jordan standing up, turning in, and catching the bat. So funny!
Jordan's in the red hat and blue shirt... see his hand on the bat?
He hasn't gotten off this bat-catching high he's on. He is showing everyone the video. I mean everyone. He has no filter. It's crazy! I've just been cracking up this entire week but it has been insane.

I figured I'll show you the two videos that we have...

Click on the one above and the one below!


So there you have it. I love how Tyler, Jordan's little brother, just sits there so chill with his reflective sunglasses on. My absolute favorite part is watching Greg and Sheila jump up from behind Jordan has he makes the catch, I think you can see that in the first video. The whole family was thrilled!

Needless to say, this has been a bigger event in our household than me passing the NCLEX and becoming an RN. Priorities? Not sure. The family says its cause they didn't have ANY doubts what so ever about me passing, so it wasn't too exciting. Oh such love. ;)

We'll be getting a special case made for Josh's bat that will include the signed ball that he tossed to Jordan as well. We were always Rangers fans but this little event cemented us in for good. Never changing!

Thank y'all for sharing in this silly little event of our lives. We've had great fun with it!

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