Tuesday, January 31

Word of the Year: Trust

So January is well almost over. It's the last day of the month today. I figured, I would choose my word for the the year today. Yes, I know you are supposed to do this, oh about the same time that you do your New Year's resolutions... but better late than never.

Actually, I saw a lot of people in the blogging world choosing their word for the year but the truth was I just didn't know what my word was. I hadn't decided. I didn't really know how to decide. So I just didn't pick a word. Easy enough!

Until, I get an email from a professor saying "Pick your word of the year. We'll share them in class." Well, wow! Slap in the face. I guess I am supposed to have a word for this year.

I did not share in my New Year resolution's post that my saying for this year is "Let go & Let God." I've been telling pretty much everyone just never put it writing.

from My Soul Shines
So when I got the email from my professor about creating a word of the year... I instantly thought to myself that it needed to fit with my phrase of the year. I was with my friend Courtney when we got the email from my professor so I told her what I was thinking and she said, "Trust." I thought it was perfect!

Trust is my word for the year. Trust is my word because it is pretty much synonymous with my phrase of the year. I am trusting in God's plan. I am trusting in His will. I am trusting in my marriage. I am trusting myself. I am trusting the unknown. I am trusting my education. I am trusting the people around me. TRUST. 
After my mom had originally read this post, she prompted me with the Bible verse Proverbs 3:5-6 which says, "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight."

Tuesday, January 24

Saving Precious Paper

Okay, I am one of those people that saves things. Not everything! But I do save cards and fun little tidbits that people have given me.

Where have all those little mementos been? Here in these boxes...

This is how I solved my memento issue...

I bought metal 'album' rings from Michaels in two different sizes. I got some larger ones and some smaller ones. Then I proceeded to punch holes in all of my cards in order to string them like a book onto the metal rings.

I absolutely love the way they turned out. I have them organized by different categories...

I have one for holidays... including Valentine's Day, Easter, and Christmas.

I have one for my race tags.

I have one for my high-school and college mementos like notes, cards, and pictures that my friends and roommates gave me.

See the envelope in the upper right picture? You can add fun things like that to hold items
I have one for our engagement cards.

Thought I would include this close up of our Save the Dates... because I love them!

I have two for our wedding cards.

I left my birthday card-book back home in Texas, since I knew I wouldn't be adding to it until this summer.
Also, I left my 'Jordan' book at home too. It has all the cards and fun stuff that Jordan gave to me while we were dating.

Other ideas for these card-books:
  • Saving Save-the-dates and wedding invitations from friends (I am starting this... since we already have 5 on our fridge for this year and at least three more to come!)
  • Christmas Pictures that you get in the mail from everyone!
  • Awards and honors that your children have won
  • Can you think of any??
Needless to say, this is such a simple fun little thing to do! People will think your super crafty if they see one laying out on your table!

Thought I would just share my cutesy new way to save all my little paper mementos. It brightens my day to see them sometimes! All the color and the notes written in them bring pure joy!

Being Bloggie

This post is for the blog world. 
Needless to say, anyone can enjoy it.

Libby at Truly His

I was just given this fun little award by one of my favorite ultimate bloggers and best friends, Libby. This little award is to show great love to bloggers with less than 200 followers - me by far! 

I in turn am giving this award to a few of my favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers. They each have a variety of specialties, which is fun! A couple with food talents, a couple with crafts, and couple mixed variety!

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The Happy Family at Cooking4Carnivores
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Lyndsey at Kitchen DoughDough
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Thank you all for blogging like you do. Your posts are fun to read and so inspirational!

The rules regarding this award are as follows:
1. Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them
2. Award this award to 5 (or 6 like me) of your favorite bloggers with less than 200 followers and link them
3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the love from the most supportive people in the internet - other bloggers of course.
5. Best of all, have fun & spread the love.

PS. Grab a BRAND NEW button!! I have a large & small one.

Monday, January 23

February Photo Challenge

I just wanted to share that I am going to participate in the February photo a day challenge! Inspired by the House of Smiths.

I missed out on the January one since I didn't learn about it until a couple weeks into the month so it was too much to catch up on. I am looking forward to this especially since I am addicted to Instagram and the dozens of photo applications that I have on my phone. 

Well here's to this challenge! I'll post the photos on this entry every few days so that those of you do not use instagram or twitter... can see the my progress through the challenge!

Day 1: My view today is the LU Nursing Lab while doing some community service

Day 2: Words - Unfailing love

Day 3: Hands (I have three for the day)
The greatest moment of my life
Hands of the most beautiful woman I know
The love and support of family and friends
Day 4: A stranger - who really is Sparky?

Day 5: 10 am is my church service journal and my little Bible.

Day 6: Dinner at Robin Alexander with Abbie to celebrate the completion of our thesis papers!

Day 7: Button - the button off one of my favorite J.Crew sweaters because I will dearly miss the warehouse sales when we graduate and move from Lynchburg.

Day 8: Sun - The setting sun in Montego Bay on our honeymoon since there  is absolutely no sun in Lynchburg today.

Day 9: Front Door to our first apartment.

Day 10: Self portrait

Day 11: Makes Me VERY Happy - my husband of course!

Day 12: Inside My Closet

Day 13: Blue - Liberty's buses

Day 14: Heart - the front of Jordan's Valentine's Day Card

Day 15: Phone

Day 16: Something New that my wonderful husband got me for Christmas

Day 17: A memento of Time from dating Jordan... a different charm for different things!

Day 18: Drink from tonight's dinner at Jersey Mike's with Jordan, Sarah, Allison, Tyler, and Max!

Day 19: Something I Hate to Do is laundry. ew. It makes it 10x worse when you don't have your own washer & dryer... like Jordan and I. That is a must for our next place!

Day 20: Handwriting of my name in my favorite color.

Day 21: A Fave Photo of Me and my Dad. Love this man!
Day 22: Where I work during the day on all my school work. My little table desk.

Day 23: My shoes today were my extremely comfortable slippers.

Day 24: Inside my bathroom cabinet or really inside my makeup drawer!

Day 25: Green letter F that's on our wall

Day 26: This night was filled with rest with my feet up, fettuccine, and the Oscars after two days in a row of 12 hour shifts at the hospital and the hubby out of town!

Day 27: Something I ate was mandarin oranges and Italian ice for dessert!

Day 28: The thing that holds money... and that currently has no physical money in it.

Day 29: Something I am listening to is Dr. House solving medical mysteries while I am solving the answers to practice NCLEX questions tonight.

That is all folks! I did the challenge! Here's to the start of a new week,