Sunday, January 1

A Great Big New Year

Happy New Year Y'all! 

This new year of 2012 holds many exciting adventures for Jordan and I. We first will start our last semester of our undergraduate degrees in two weeks, we have graduation from the "most exciting university in the world" in May, plan to move back to Texas after graduation, find our first grown-up jobs, become the best dog-parents ever, and perhaps have our very own place

The year's forecast looks bright and shiny. I am looking forward to all that this year holds... thinking about the adventures ahead also calls for the yearly evaluation and decision of what our New Year's Resolutions should be...

This year, I decided to look up "resolution" in the dictionary and thesaurus before I decided what I would like mine to be. Since it is so popular for people to break their New Year's resolutions by the second week in January? I wanted to see what I was actually committing myself to when I made my New Year's Resolutions.

Here are a few of terms that struck a note with me to define "resolution:" courage, dedication, perseverance, unconquerable will, true grit, backbone, spirit, purpose, resolve, self control, stability, unflinching, at any risk, and sincerity. 

The opposite of making a resolution is weakness and compliance.

So what do I want to commit myself to this upcoming year? What do I want to have self control over? What do I want to have an unconquerable will to achieve? What do I need courage to preserve through? Can I do this all with a purpose, sincerity, and stability?

First and foremost, I want to dedicate myself to developing a deeper and truer relationship with my Lord and Savior. I feel like this resolution appears every year but the truth is that I desire to have a stronger relationship with God each and every year, hence why it is always on the top of my list. I bought Jordan and I brand new journals to start off the new year right! Blank, fresh, and empty waiting for our desires, prayers, dreams, goals, and conversations with God to fill its pages. I kind of want to start drawing in my journal to communicate with God as well since a picture is worth a thousand words. Just a new dimension to add! I might make the new journal thing a tradition for Jordan and I, that I buy us each a new journal at the start of the new year... It's such a fantastic thing to be able to look back over the past years of writings and answered prayers.

I want to maintain and deepen my love for my wonderful husband. Everyday, I fall more and more in love with that hunk of a man. I want to relish in the time that we spend together and not take any second for granted. I started really working out that this past semester and I want to continue to do so. I want to keep our relationship lively, young, and fun like it already is! I want to keep our love sincere and unconquerable! 

I am going to stay consistent with my running and workouts. I feel so much better about myself when I am in a season of working out so it's important to me to just keep running. I love my time while I'm running. I clear my head. I have time to myself. I pray. I dream. I grow stronger physically and mentally. I play games. I laugh. I sweat. I cry.

I have an unconquerable will to grow out my hair. My hair is already long for me since it grows as a turtle. I have been practically growing it out my entire life but I want it longer. I want Taylor Swift's long hair. It's true. So although this may be a silly resolution, I am just stating my dedication to growing my hair out.

I also want to have the courage to deepen my relationships with my friends and family. I want to spend more time in my friendships since people are what is most important in this world. I want to be the best friend possible: loving, listening, kind, fun, and encouraging! I am so blessed by all of my wonderful friends that I want them to know it and believe that I truly love them and are appreciative of them.

Lastly, I am dedicating myself to my last semester of school. I need to be diligent in my studies and not tire out. I need to learn as much as I can and enjoy my last few months as a student nurse before I become a registered nurse. I want to take advantage of all my learning opportunities that my nursing professors and preceptors give me.

I will not be weak. I will not comply. I will show true grit.
Be strong in your endeavors,


  1. The thought of May makes me so sad, but so thankful we have this last semester...let spend every minute together, mmmmk? :)

  2. Lindsay what a beautiful new year comittment.I know you will do what you have set out to do.May you grow strong in the Lord and love your husband as if each day where your last.

    I love you deeply,