Friday, December 23

The City of Lights

Whew! I can't believe that it has been almost a month since I posted about my parents anniversary. Time flies when you're having fun? Well that wasn't quite the case. Time flies when it's the end of the semester, is more like it.

I wrapped up the semester with three As and one B. I'm definitely pleased! My finals were not to bad but packing on the other hand, was just as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not only did I have to pack for a months time at home but for practically a weeks time for NYC! Oh not to mention that Jordan wouldn't be back in Texas until four days after I am... so I have to live off my NYC bags for that much longer at home. Craziness to try and separate the two and consider all the factors. Of course, things were overlooked. I forgot to bring some silly random toiletries to NYC, which was no big deal. I left some crucial things in the truck, for Jordan to bring home. For example: extra underwear, my laptop,  running gear, and Christmas presents! wha! However, I made it work.

So we spent five and a half days in the big city under all the lights and the honking horns. I had an absolute blast!  I adore all things about New York. The people, the places, the shops, the lights, and the noises. It's truly unique and nothing is more spectacular than NYC at Christmas time. NYC will always hold dear to Jordan and I's hearts since we were engaged there two years ago, right in the heart of Central Park. Of course, we had to visit again!

Let me reverse and start at the beginning of our journey to New York. We left Tuesday morning at 10, just after I had finished my last final at eight. Goodness! Can you say exhausting? Tyler, Jordan, and I piled ourselves and our stuff into the truck for the seven hour drive up towards the city. It was actually quite a fun drive since we got to go through Washington DC, Baltimore, Delaware, and NJ. We crossed into the city through the Lincoln tunnel in Hoboken. Of course, we entered the city at a great price - running tolls! Yes, we were cashless and acquired a great toll debt. I am just going to through this out there, WHY DON'T THEY ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS? It's so easy to swipe! If airports can do it, tolls can do it. Or hey, be like Dallas and have no booths - just drive under cameras. Bill me please. So after an hour of waiting to cross the tunnel after we exited for it and skipping out on the last 12 dollar toll booth, we made it into the city!

Has NYC ever seen a big ole honking Dodge Ram on it's streets? Doubt it! We made it to the hotel and then went out for dinner and visited Times Square!

As I already mentioned, we made it out to Central Park again. We wandered through the majority of the park, just enjoying the people, the performers, and the nature. We had the opportunity to eat at the Boat House but since the only thing on the menu I would eat was a hamburger, I suggested we skipped out. We then wandered our way around 5th avenue and found POP Burgers, conveniently a burger place, to eat lunch. It was such a fabulous little place. The food was immaculate. Tyler said he had the best burger there that he has ever eaten! Such a big deal, right?  After our bellies were filled with onion rings, burgers, fries, and shakes, we headed towards FAO Shwarz and walked down the rest of 5th avenue. We made stops in Berdorf Goodman, Henry Bendel, and Mckenzie Childs, of course!

Then we headed to Radio City Music Hall to see the Rockette's Christmas Spectacular! It was absolutely delightful. Such a good show!

The whole family went to the 9/11 memorial which was absolutely immaculate. You could totally feel the emptiness there. The memorial was incredible to see. Before we visited the 9/11 memorial, we also went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls since they happened to be in NYC the same time that we were. Those were really neat to to be able to see the manuscripts.

We also hit up the Metropolitan. It was my first time there. It was so neat!

Of course there was a ton of eating of fabulous food and a lot of shopping since that's what NYC is all about! We are so thankful to be able to share moments like these with our families. I had the best time! NYC truly puts you in to the Christmas Spirit, if I hadn't had enough of it at Liberty!

Merry Christmas to y'all & a Happy New Year,

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  1. Love your pics, Linds!!! :) :) I hope yall are having a fabulous time in TX! Love youu!