Tuesday, December 6

Coming to a Close

Well, it's just that time of the year. The semester is coming to a close. I have been finished with class lectures since last Wednesday but I have one more test tomorrow in Critical Care before finals, which I am supposed to be studying for right now! eek!

It's that crucial time when we are all calculating and figuring out our possible grades for each of our classes. What's do I have to get on my last two assignments to get an A? Can I even get an A? What is the lowest possible score I can get on my final to get a B?  Do I even need to show up to the final? These are the questions that have been passed around the past week. Tyler, Jordan, & I have been figuring out everything as I am sure every other college student too.

The good news is that I only have two legitimate finals. Two cumulative finals and one group presentation. The group presentation is on End of Life Care relating to Scientologists. Pretty Interesting stuff... weird but interesting. I get a cheat sheet for Critical Care - one side of a whole piece of paper! What am I supposed to put on it? Yikes! Mrs. Kennedy, one of my professors for the class, said that one semester a kid squeezed the entire semester's notes on it... pretty miraculous! That is going to consume my life after I finish this last test. Oh, can't forget about my other final for mental health!

I am ready to be done with this semester and I'm not exactly sure why. It honestly FLEW by. Perhaps, I am ready for a long non-thinking break or I am just excited for what next semester holds. Who knows!

I do know that I am absolutely dreading packing... already. Oh, how I hate it. So much energy goes into packing and the fact that we are making a pit stop in NYC doesn't help the packing situation (although it helps my excitement to get going!)  What do I want to wear at home? Well, what's the temperature going to be like? I have no idea! How much should I pack for a month? Should we bring some stuff back that we aren't going to use over the Spring semester? What am I going to WANT to wear? What about NYC? I must be fashionable when I am there... BUT it's freezing! How cute of clothes can you wear when its cold? Texas weather is so unpredictable... it's actually 30 degrees colder at home then in Lynchburg right now. So how is that supposed to help all my packing dilemmas? It doesn't. Don't forget the chargers for the computer and cell phones!

It is also that time where we are getting together with all of our groups of friends to have a last hoorah before the semester end. This past Saturday, Libby hosted a girls Christmas Party at her house and it was absolutely a blast! We had sweets & treats! We played Dirty Santa, other games, and chatted!

I met for dinner with my junior year clinical group last night for dinner at La Caretta. La Caretta is our typical meet up place from this year and last! We have had dinner together twice this semester just to get together. These guys will always be close in my heart since we survived junior year together!

I am having a small Christmas get together with my old roomies and still besties, Sarah W, Allison, Abbie, Sarah B, and Kari, on Wednesday for a last hang out session before Christmas break and a good-bye to Sarah W party as she spends next semester in Washington, DC. Can't wait for some time with these girls.

As the semester end craziness gets ready to settle in, I just have to remember that my Lord is my shelter for peace and strength. We will get through this thing!

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