Wednesday, May 4

Just Do It

Everyone knows that girls love shoes. What types of shoes? All types of shoes. This girl loves her sandals, flats, and pumps. This girl also LOVES a nice pair of tennis shoes. I'll admit it. I am especially picky when it comes to my tennis shoes. I have no idea why but I am.

My dentist commented one time on a pair of puma tennis shoes I was wearing saying that they were "great." He said that he really liked them. Our patient-dentist bond grew stronger that day. I like a person who knows good tennis shoes. We even discussed how important the look of the tennis shoes are. Needless to say, I can't even describe my stipulations for a 'nice' pair of tennis shoes - it is just something I automatically recognize.

I seem to like Nike shoes a lot. I have three pairs of Nike tennis shoes. I have two pairs of pumas and a pair of Adidas. My latest tennis shoe love, which I do not own yet, combine a few of my favorite things: the color pink, the girly element of lace, and a Nike shoe.

Great, huh? Totally me. This post was not to be about tennis shoes to say but more about what you do in a pair of tennis shoes. You run! At least a lot of people do.

I have tried to pick up running several times in my life. I've been a competitive swimmer since I was 10 years old which really has nothing to do with running. I tried running track in seventh grade - let's just say it wasn't to pretty. However, in high school, my coach made us run during the off season. Sometimes it was through the neighborhoods and other times around the track. I actually enjoyed it.

I didn't swim my senior year in high school. I was just to worn out and exhausted. Since I knew I wasn't swimming in college, it wasn't a big deal. But I needed to find another way to be able to work out. So I trained for a half marathon with my trainer Rory, from Timarron Country Club. Did I ever run that half marathon? No. Was it worth training anyways? Yes. Although I pretty much dreaded running with her tiny little bouncy self every morning, it was great to establish running habits and skills. Don't get me wrong, I loved Rory - it was the running that I didn't like.

My dad was a marathoner. He ran several when he was in his twenties. He's always been involved in athletics. He even coached girls track and basketball. I have to have that running gene somewhere within me, right?

I left my running 'skills' at home when I came to college but found them again during the Spring of 2010, just before my wedding. Yes, I was determined to loose weight before the wedding. I wasn't going to be an overweight bride. Needless to say, I lost 25 pounds! I've been on and off with running since the wedding but this semester, I have fallen in love with it.

My great friend Libby and I started working out together about six weeks before spring break. We worked out several times a week together over the next couple months. We used working out to be able to get to know each other since we had just met through mutual friends a little time before. She quickly became near and dear to my heart as one of my best friends. Libby is a young married woman too! We were able to bond quickly over our love for our husbands. She is married to Isaac, who runs track for Liberty. We can understand eachother easily for we are both married to outstanding young men who are both NCAA athletes. It's a different world when an competitive athlete is involved in your life for they have so many priorities and commitments.

The end of the semester brings very busy and chaotic schedules so Libby and I haven't been working out together the past few weeks but that's where my ever so gallant husband has stepped in. We go and work out at our little gym in our apartment complex.

He lifts weights while I run on the treadmill. I run as far as I can for 30 minutes and then I'll do some abs and some legs. I've been easily getting 3.5 miles in on my 30 minute treadmill runs. I play games with myself to intrigue me to run farther and faster. I will create tasks for myself like run the next quarter mile at this speed then I'll increase the speed by two points and have to run the next quarter mile etc... I am enjoying running!

Last night, I was reading Abigail's blog after some insightful words about one of our pastor's sermon, she mentioned that she was training for a half marathon. This brought me back to think about my senior year. I thought about how actually competing in races would give me further incentive to keep on running. So I did some research... I found several races to run in Virginia and a couple back home in Texas. I think I'll start off small and then perhaps grow bigger. I'm not as ambitious as Abigail yet...

Possible Virginia Races
Fab 5K in Salem, VA on 08/20/2011
Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run (5K) in Richmond, VA on 8/21/2011
Educ8-K Childrens' Fun Run in Lynchburg, VA on 8/27/2011
The Real Girls Run (6K) in Charlottesville, VA on 10/08/2011
The Charlottesville Fall Classic 10-K Road Championship in Charlottesville, VA on 10/22/2011
*I think I'll do some races soon if Jordan and I have to stay in Virginia longer for golf.

Possible Texas Races
Fireman's 5K in Ft. Worth, TX on 5/28/2011
Alliance UMC's Mission Possible 5K in Ft. Worth, TX on 5/28/2011
Stonebridge Memorial Day Races (5K or 10K) in McKinney, TX on 05/30/2011
American Heros (5K or 10K) in Arlington, TX on 05/30/2011
Colleyville Xsightment Run (5K) in Colleyville, TX on 06/04/2011
Merrell Down & Dirty Mud Run (5K) in Dallas, TX on 6/05/2011

So who wants to join me? JUST DO IT!

Update on August 11, 2011: I ran the Colleyville Xsightment Run this summer as listed above. I also ran in the Strut Your Stuff 5k and the Sizzling Summer 10k. I have registered for the VA 10 miler race in September! I can't wait! // I also bought a new pair of running shoes... not the ones mentioned in this post because I can't really find them anywhere but I got some new Nike Air Pegasus' in white and pink!


  1. Okay, read your blog... you are too cute. Let's do the Colleyville one too! I will buy you those shoes if you can beat me in a 5K!!!

  2. Hello! I just started following your blog. :) And I just wanted to say that working out with your hubs is a great way to stay fit! My husband has a back issue from his football days so we don't run on the treadmill because that impact isn't good for his back but we cycle and use the elliptical machines every day. Thanks for reminding me that I need new shoes! ;)

  3. I LOVE THIS POST!! :) You are a runner!! I believe it!:)

  4. AnonymousMay 05, 2011

    I ran a 5k last year in roanoake called run the jail break. It was really fun and themed like you were escaping from jail, you had to run through mud. Water. And up and over obstacles. Truly challenging but I felt so accomplished after ! They are having another one this year