Thursday, July 14

Pretty Much Left Alone

I am comparing myself to one of your old childhood stuffed animals that is either on a dusty shelf, in your attic, or at your parent's house. This weekend, I am left alone!

My everly companion, Jordan, is in Abilene for a golf tournament this weekend. I am wishing him luck and love from afar as I sit in this giant house with two little fluffy pets. I am also wishing him coolness as the temperature is supposed to be 105-112 degrees Fahrenheit as he swings his clubs in the blazing sun. You might be asking "why didn't you go with him to his tournament? You go to his others ones?" 

Well, because...

My parents are in Guatemala and El Salvador until Tuesday. This is the answer for why the two "fur-kids" are with me in the "attic" this weekend. 

The loneliness continues...

Aly, my best friend, flew away to Napa Valley for the weekend to celebrate her ravishing 21st birthday! She will be sipping new flavors in wine country as I scorch in this Texas heat. It's actually her birthday today! So Happy Birthday Alyson Kathryn! I absolutely adore and love you!


Sheila and Greg are leaving for the Big Apple for a week. They will be frolicking through the people filled streets of the city, enjoying fabulous foods, and seeing the sites!

Tyler is in Galveston this weekend with Hayley's family enjoying some Texas beaches.

Wait! There's more...

Becky and her family are heading out for another 10 day vacation this weekend. Jordan and I will be housesitting for them again. Lucy, the scottie, will join Thunder, Juno, and I over here on Saturday. It will be me and my three amigos.

I believe that's pretty darn loneliness, if you ask me! Nola, Jordan's grandma, has also been left in this sphere of lonely created by our adoring family members and friends. So perhaps, I am not so lonely!

This might sound like a dreadful post but I am actually enjoying this lonely time! I am one of those people that loves to have fun with others but I am perfectly content doing something completely by myself. This probably stems from the fact that I am an only child but I do enjoy both parts of life: company and not.

I've already indulged in this day. After my morning activities and a cat nap, I dropped my mom off at the airport then headed to Southlake to shop. I treated my self to some frozen yogurt for lunch at Yumilicious! This was my first time ever to Yumilicious and I was absolutely delighted. They had some fun fruit toppings that none of my other local fro-yo spots have like dragon fruit and these tangerine colored little balls that popped in your mouth when you bit them. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of them but they were so fun! I can't remember what they actually called them but they were fabulous! 

My all time favorite fro-yo topping in Mochi. If you haven't tried mochi on your frozen yogurt, then you must do it your very next time! It is sort of like a cross between a gummy bear and a marshmallow but it doesn't freeze in the yogurt like gummy bears or marshmallows. It is an japanese treat made out of rice that really has no flavor. It just adds a fun texture to the yogurt. This adorns every yogurt that I create. In fact, the first time that I went to the yogurt place in Lynchburg (there is only one and it's called Sweetfrog), they didn't have mochi. I was extremely disappointed. However, I asked them if the were ever going to get mochi because it was my favorite topping ever and the woman replied "I am not sure. We are considering it but its more of an expensive topping for us to buy." I wasn't convinced by her answer that they were ever going to adorn their bins with the sweet treat but the very next time that I went to SweetFrog, they had it! I think I even screamed with joy! Go try some mochi!

I consider myself to be somewhat of a fro-yo connoisseur. It is actually quite easy to be that in my little bubble, that I call home, considering there are literally six different frozen yogurt places all within five miles of my house. I am sure there are bunch more on the outskirts of five miles that I haven't quite discovered yet. I like to mix up the stores that I visit because they often have different flavors from each other. More variety ;)

Besides delighting in frozen yogurt, I am thinking this weekend will be good for me! I can relax and chill.  I need to get caught up on my bible study, since we had an off week and I was out of town for a week. I am a few days behind! I may even throw in a craft or two! And I already have plans to have coffee with one of my great friends, Allison. She just got home for the summer after a 'semester at sea' and a few trips. I am super excited to see her considering all of my other friends are not home for the summer like at all! So it will be delightful!

Who knows what else this weekend holds in lonely adventures but I am looking forward to it!

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  1. Today at lunch with co-workers we talked about alone time too. Sometimes its needed. You can clear your mind, rest, relax and get a few things done for yourself ;)

    Good luck to your hubby! Hope you have a great weekend all to yourself!