Sunday, July 24

Pasta Delight

I just recently celebrated my 21st birthday on July 19th!
A big deal? Perhaps! Exciting? For sure! Getting old? Not really! Having fun? Of course!
The cake that my dear friend Allison delivered to me the day after by birthday

I celebrated my special day by going out to dinner with my family. Jordan, my parents, Nola, Hayley, and Tyler graced my birthday dinner.  I decided a few weeks prior to my birthday that I wanted to go to Sfuzzi, a spectacular italian restaurant downtown. We just had the best appetizers including pretzel bread, baked brie, and wasabi deviled egg bruchette. Everyone ordered their entrees which included a variety of pizzas, pastas, and eggplant. We finished dinner with a couple desserts including sticky toffee cheesecake and my personal favorite the chocolate peanut butter banana cream pudding! My 21st birthday was complete! Showered in wonderful gifts and a delicious dinner!

I mention all this to share with you the mom-and-I made recipe that we created with inspiration from the pasta dish, "Garlic Rigatoni" that I ordered on my birthday! We loved the dish at sfuzzi's so we recreated it tonight for dinner since it is such a fresh summertime pasta.

Summertime Garlic Pasta
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16 ounces cooked pasta (we chose Rigatoni)
1/2 cup olive oil
3 ears of cooked sweet corn
2-3 large jalapenos
5+ cloves of minced/pressed garlic
Parmesan cheese
Salt & Pepper to taste
Sun dried tomatoes to your liking

1. Boil ears of corn. Mom and I boiled them on high for about 5 minutes.

2. Prepare pasta as directed by packaging.

3. Slice the corn kernels of the cob.
Tip: stand ear of corn on bundt pan and slice corn off with sharp knife.

4. Prepare jalapenos. Cut each in half lengthwise. With a spoon, carve out the seeds and middle spines. Then, slice the jalapenos in thin strips about 1 inch long.
Tip: use gloves to cut jalapenos because the oil can stay on your skin for days! If you don't have gloves handy, slip your hand into a plastic baggy!

5. In a sautee pan, combine 1/2 cup oil and garlic. We only used 5 gloves of garlic but highly suggest more! Probably around 8-10 cloves. :)

6. Add corn and jalapenos to pan.

7. With pasta already cooked and drained, pour the oil and veggie mixture over top into the bowl. Mix in sun dried tomatoes if you like! Sprinkle heavily with parmesan cheese. Salt & Pepper to taste.

8. Serve & Enjoy!

This dish is so easy and so so so fresh! We adore it!

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  1. Gotta try that! Looks delish! And...I can't believe all the years of good ol' Iowa Sweet Corn and I've never seen the idea of sticking the ear in a bundt pan..GENIUS! =)