Monday, July 25

New Feature

I am excited to share with y'all that I have added a new feature to my blog!

I realize that most of the people that read my blog often are not bloggers themselves. Therefore, they cannot "subscribe" or "follow" my blog through Blogspot meaning that y'all do not get updates on my new posts until I share them myself through my facebook account. I am quite sure that is how most of my readers access my lovely little blog anyways.

So I am introducing "Subscribe by Email" in which you can receive notifications on new posts and read them directly through your email if you submit your email address to the widget. This is obviously totally optional and I am just providing this feature for those who are interested and to make your blog reading a little smoother. This new feature is not run by me. It is a computerized response that sends an email out when I add a new post to the subscribers! I think it's actually pretty neat. This takes effort away from me and gives you privacy!

Feel free to join by submitting your email address in the appropriate box on the right of your screen.

Additionally, I have added another feature on the left side of my blog that highlights my "Top 5" most viewed posts. Just a fun little linkage!

Much love,

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