Wednesday, August 3

Moving Fast

I can't believe that it's been OVER a week since my last update! Wow! It has been quite the busy week. A little recap of my week:

  • Jordan left with Greg for Indiana on Sunday
  • Went out with Nola on Monday to get a new driver license since I lost mine
  • Visited the AT&T store with Nola to see about "bundles" for her new house
  • Got my 3rd TB test done at the Doctors on Tuesday... I have forgotten to get the previous to "read"
  • I started my new training for the Virginia 10 miler on Wednesday
  • Had lunch at Cafe Pacific in Highland Park with Mom, Sheila, Nola, Kristen, and Marianne on Thursday
  • Did a little bit of shopping in Highland Park with the girls; my best buy was a purse organizer which I desperately need after this summer of forgetfulness
  • Nola closed on her brand new house on Friday
  • Started housesitting for Becky again...
  • Jan, Aly, Mom, and I laid out at the pool for several hours
  • Ate Palio's pizza for dinner with the Holbert's
  • Jordan and Greg got home Saturday evening
  • Sheila, Nola, Hayley, Tyler, Mom, and I spent Saturday moving some things into Nola's house
  • The whole day Sunday was spent unloading and unpacking boxes for Nola
  • Jordan and I went to see Crazy, Stupid, Love that night.
  • Monday was the day of rest; had breakfast with Aly and watched the "Men Tell All" for the Bachelorette
  • Had breakfast on Tuesday with Aly again... watched the Bachelorette finale
  • Jordan found out he had an ear infection; he had  fever the past few days!
  • Completely finished unpacking Nola's pod Tuesday evening
  • Today is another day of rest - playing catch up!

I just exhausted myself by rethinking about what all I did last week! The true exhaustion comes from moving and unpacking! You forget how exhausting mentally and physically moving really is. As a college student, you get used to packing/unpacking your small little room every summer, but it hardly compares to an entire house!

Nola's house is just stunning. What a blessing! She seriously was practically moved in to the house in two days... The kitchen was entirely unpacked and organized - thanks to Sheila! I think she had maybe five boxes left to open after we left on Sunday. We were moving fools. Now, not everything is in its place... but its out of the boxes and in the house. Who knows what's more difficult... unpacking boxes or deciding where everything goes! Probably the latter!

I can't wait to see the house all put together! It will be such neat thing. :)

All this moving has led me to ponder the moving that Jordan and I will be doing in May. Wow! We will be done with college. I can't believe that we are soon to enter our senior year. We will walk on to our beautiful campus at LU for the last time as students! I am extremely excited for what the year holds yet it is also nerve racking! I am ready to be "my own" nurse but on the other hand, it is such a big leap to go into the "real world" and actually BE "my own" nurse. Nonetheless, this year entitles the excitement of critical care nursing, psychiatric nursing, and community nursing. Those are the three big guys and I am so intrigued! Yet at the moment that those classes are finished... I will graduate!

Graduation means a few things: moving back to our beloved Texas hometown, starting our careers, and following God's guidance for the new journey in our lives!

I am already dreading the moving part - I think we'll actually have to get a drivable uHaul to get all of our things back to Texas. It all should be interesting. At least, our precious family members should be there through it all to help us! Praise the Lord for many hands makes light work!

Since I am such a huge planner, I have already thought about when we need to start apartment searching and when I should be revamping our family budget. My thoughts may be a little to far in the distance, oh like 10 months or so, but I like to have plan!

Not only have I been thinking about our May Move... but I've truly realized how fast life moves! Jordan and I celebrated our one year anniversary this summer which just proves how much time flies. Entering our senior year is another point. This summer seems to have sprinted rather than paced by as well. My mom said her life has been a completely blur after her early twenties. She said it only gets faster and I can't even imagine that!

After all this mumbling of words, I have one phrase to wrap up my thoughts...

Life just keeps pushing forward in our times of joy and sorrow... the true constant is our Heavenly Father.

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