Friday, August 12

Packing Up

The packing has officially begun! Not so sure that I am exactly thrilled about this since I loathe packing but I suppose that it has to be done.

boxes from when we moved into our apartment last fall
Now, if you were to ask all of my wonderful previous college roommates if I liked to pack, they would surely exclaim "YES!!!" However, it's quite the contrary. My beautiful friends were tortured by my packing habits at the every semester's end because I would start a week ahead of time. They all waited until the day before they were going to leave to pack up their lives... however they weren't really waiting to pack but more so clinging on to the semester we were about to leave behind. Oh how gracious they were with my early packing! 

I start so early because I get overwhelmed by all that needs to get done. I just want it over with. I can't stand to have the lingering thought of having to pack... especially when it comes to packing to and fro college! How can you decide what things are necessary to your life for 9 months out of the year and not 3 months? And visa-versa? I always end up over-packing, no matter what I am packing for and no matter where my destination is...

As I already mentioned, the packing has begun for us. Well, for me. Jordan hasn't touched any of his things but we did manage to clean out the FULL closet at his mom's house a couple of days ago when we were helping Tyler do the same before he packed for his first semester in college! Tyler's closet was sifted through and narrowed down to stay at home, take to school, and to give away. Sheila, Tyler, Hayley, and I accomplished this huge task and I do mean huge considering the fact that Tyler still had clothes in his closet from when he was 12!

Jordan is more of a day before and day of packer because he enjoys procrastination.

This is Robert and Jordan.... being extremely helpful when we moved into our apartment...

Thursday, I packed up all my craft supplies, my dresses, and my sweaters (in Dallas? Not exactly sure what I was thinking...) However, I did not even tackle any part of the beast yesterday since I spent the day in Dallas with my gorgeous mother and the darling Julie.

We are leaving bright and early Sunday morning with a caravan of four vehicles hauling Jordan and I with the addition of Tyler and his roommate, Brian, who is also a freshman. This means that Jordan's truck (the biggest car) has to be loaded and ready to go Saturday evening before our Summer End Dinner Party. This means, that I am actually packing LATE! Oh golly!

Today work will have to get done... after mom and I get pedicures, of course!

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