Monday, August 22

Settling In

We've made it!

Jordan, Tyler, Brian, and I are all settled in our living quarters for the new school year! We made it into town around 7 pm on August 15th. There was truly only one disaster that struck! 20 miles outside of campus, traffic came to a DEAD stop. We literally sat in grid lock for an hour and a half. Yes, it was torture. The boys were antsy getting out of the cars, walking around, talking to truck drivers, and the like. Sheila and I sat in my little car quite amused as we were listening to the audio version of "The Help."

So why the standstill? Come to find out, a man had shot his brother and nephew on his front lawn. He proceeded to lock himself in his house, just off the highway. It was a four hour throw down between the police, SWAT, fireman, and other rescue workers. They started letting us drive by after the shooter was secure in his house... later the guy lit his own house on fire in which the rescue workers then entered his residence to find him only in white socks! Quite a story... especially when you've been on the road for 20 hours!

So needless to say... we are safe upon arrival!

Aly came up for a long weekend to visit Liberty for the first time. We had scheduled it at this time because Aaron, her boyfriend, was supposed to be playing baseball against the Lynchburg Wildcats at the time but was traded to a different team. He plays AA minor league ball. He was traded right before she came up! Crazy! We still had a blast!

We did the normal Lynchburg activities like Uno night, watching movies, touring campus, hanging out with friends, visiting puppies at the pet stores, and shopping! We had originally thought that the J.Crew warehouse sale was going to be in Lynchburg this weekend but it ended up that it wasn't here but in Charlottesville, about an hour drive away...

candles that we were narrowing down at the store
Aly and I did some shopping in Lynchburg on Saturday morning including going to the Virginia Candle Outlet where they sell Woodwick Candles for crazy good prices. We each got 5 candles for $15 total!! I even got one that smells like a Christmas tree - I can't wait until I can light it!

J. Crew Warehouse Sale
The craziness of the warehouse sale // credit
We decided to drive to Charlottesville to hit up the "once in a lifetime" opportunity for Aly to go to the J.Crew warehouse sale. We spent two hours at the sale and came out with some fabulous goodies! We then rounded off the afternoon with a bite to eat at Mellow Mushroom, one of the best pizza places ever.

We had a lazy Sunday morning and afternoon before I took her to the Lynchburg airport where she experienced a whirlwind evening since a thunderstorm went through after her plane was already delayed. She missed her connecting flight in North Carolina and had to catch another one to get to Dallas. Don't you love flying?

I had such a good time with Aly being here in my world! We had lots of fun and lots of laughs!

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