Tuesday, August 23

Shaky Ground

I've been delaying writing a new post because I haven't thought of anything to write on... but the wonderful miraculous creator of this Earth just gave me a few thoughts as a 5.9 magnitude earthquake shook Virginia and Washington DC this afternoon.

I was sitting here at my computer working on a paper, that I ALREADY have, for my nutrition class when all of a sudden I hear the art on my walls rattling! The shaking suddenly got worse as my entire apartment building shook!
This was damage from a quake in CA // Credit
I sat here at in my zebra chair in a sort of shock... then after what seemed like a few minutes I thought "Well, what the heck am I doing here? What if the building goes down? Should I get out of here?"

I proceeded to run out my door then I turned and looked back and noticed that I still had my brand new Woodwick candle burning the sweet smell of "Sugared Pomegranate." My instant thought was well crap, if the buildings going down... I don't want it to catch on fire! So I had to run back to my sunroom to blow on the delicious smell then the quake settled.

Facebook has been jumping with statuses about this earthquake... for a lot of people it's their first one! There were even a few people who contemplated during the middle of the quake whether or not the rapture was occurring. The status updates are so amusing!

What's even more amusing is that the Pentagon and U.S. Capitol building were evacuated. JFK airport even shut down!

I have to say that this was not my first quake. It was definitely my strongest quake at 5.9 magnitude but my first quake, I would say, was the most powerful.

The first earthquake that I felt happened when I was on a two week mission trip in Antigua, Guatemala. I think it was in 2007. I was down in Guatemala with a group of 5 girls and a couple moms with us. We did so many life changing things while we were down there but I have to say my favorite memory was of the earthquake. The ladies and I were sitting around our little kitchen table praying while the quake struck. We were praying through various attributes of God in alphabetical order. The group was taking turns praying words like "Awesome. Amazing. Astounding. All-knowing. Beautiful. Big. Creator...."

We had just reached the letter E as a gentle earthquake shook the ground... it was the most powerful thing I have ever witnessed! It was as God was responding to our adoration for Him right there in that instant. How miraculous! I will never forget that moment. It truly was a blessing!

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