Friday, February 24

Dating Your Way In Love

Okay... for all of you dating, engaged, married people out there or even thinking about dating people... so everyone? Check out this website that I stumbled upon today!

It's called The Dating Divas. It's a website that is devoted to marriages. Okay, so I said it is for all people, because it is since it has really good date ideas! It's main purpose is "strengthening marriages, one date at a time." However, I truly believe anyone and everyone could benefit from this site!

The Dating Divas is a group of women that blog on different aspects of marriage and different dating ideas. They have fun things like dates for two or four or more. Some dates names include "The Newlywed Game" and "Sherlock Holmes Date!" Fun things! They also have ideas for birthdays and anniversaries for your loved one. 

I really just wanted to share this beautiful gem that I found. I knew more people besides Jordan and I could benefit from it! I hope to use this site in the near future! ;)

Another little idea fun dating idea I saw on  a blog that I follow called "Life in the Green House." It is such a precious little blog and by little, I mean way bigger than mine! Jennifer posted the idea of the dating jar

Life in the Green House

It is essentially date nights ideas in a jar. She has written date night ideas on painted wooden craft sticks to be able to draw out and give her and her spouse a spur of the moment idea for a date. It may seem kinda easy-peasy to do this, but I really like HOW she did it. Of course, she made it look cutesy. I approve! Second, she color coded the sticks according to the involvement required to do the date meaning the cost and any necessary pre-planning. I thought that was extremely smart. Third, she gave a list of date night ideas - now that helps tremendously! I am going to make one of these for Jordan and I to use... and of course, I'll share my finished product! Exciting!!

Now go on a couple dates with the person you love most,


  1. What a GEM!! What a fun idea, Linds... I am checking it out now :)

  2. Lindsay, I had no idea you had a blog! I found your name in the comments of this post on the other woman's website! Life is crazy sometimes. This blog is so cute and sweet! - Carey McCarthy