Wednesday, February 15

Lucky Number Seven

Yesterday, Jordan and I celebrated our seventh Valentine's Day together! I can't believe it. Craziness! We have our own little traditions for this oh so fun day...

Let me start off by saying that Jordan "hates" Valentine's Day... He said it's just like another anniversary. However, I love it! I love being able to do things for him! Whether he actually hates it or not, he is VERY good at celebrating it.

Ever since our first Valentine's day when we were 15, I have made him some kind of sweet treat. I believe the first year was cupcakes! I have made a variety of things including cake balls, cookies, fortune cookies, and ice cream sandwiches... yes all homemade! It's been difficult but fun to come up with something new each year. 

Jordan's tradition is that he always makes our plans a surprise. I can't remember when this started... I'm not sure if it was from the beginning or if it has been for the last few years... but I know for sure all of our Valentine's plans during college have been a surprise. He is so good at it & he doesn't think so. I think it was freshman year that he picked up me and surprised me by driving to Roanoke to have a picnick on top of the Star mountain over looking the city. We spent the entire day in Roanoke at the mall, looking at puppies, drinking coffee, and just being together. Junior year, we went to go see Valentine's Day in Roanoke and had dinner at this fabulous restaurant down town. We also got coffee at that same little place. Last year, I woke up to a little scavenger hunt throughout the apartment to find all kinds of goodies that ended in us going to the grocery store to buy stuff to cook dinner together and watch a movie at home.

This year followed along with our traditions... baked goodies and surprises!

Monday night before I fell asleep, I set out my card for Jordan as well as his sweet treat on our counter top. This year I made loaded cookie bars with all kinds of goodies in it. I found the recipe on Pinterest from Pip & Ebby. I also decorated our bathroom mirror with goodies. He was getting up earlier than me so he was able to wake up to all the fun!

I had a group project meeting in the morning so when I left for that, Jordan got to work. When I got to my car in the morning, there was a note inside that rhymed... and told me to hurry home from my meeting so that Valentine's day breakfast could start. 

I came home to a beautiful arrangement of flowers and the cutest card that talked about my booty. There was a cute little mouse that bent over that said that I look really great from the rear! Jordan calls me booty since I have a rather large one. Who knows! 

with half of the donuts gone! soo good!
All of our candles were lit around the house and a fresh box of Sweet Stella's donuts were waiting for us to guzzle down! He got my favorite donut for me, Boston Creams. We sat and ate our donuts and turned the movie Valentine's Day on in the background.

I then decided to make my "bubbly love potion" drink which I also found on Pinterest. It was seriously simple to make and absolutely delicious! Jordan turned on some music and we danced a little!

Jordan had to leave at about noon for golf practice and to work on  project... but before he left, he sent me a facebook event invitation saying that I needed to brush up on my acey-ducey skills, which is one of our favorite games!

Once my hubby got home, we left and hopped in the car to go somewhere. I didn't know where we were going but we ended up at Walmart... he said that we were getting a couple things. He said we were picking out dinner for tonight. Jordan planned for us to make some homemade pizza, which is one of our favorite things to make together...

So we went around Walmart getting goodies for our pizza. We got some pizza dough mix, Italian cheese blend, Alfredo sauce, and a rotisserie chicken! When we made the pizza... we through some garlic and some basil on with it! It was absolutely delicious. Seriously good!!

When we were shopping for our dinner food, I asked Jordan why we went to Walmart instead of Kroger because Kroger is just down the street from our place. He said that we were getting a couple more goodies that Kroger doesn't have. We continued shopping around Walmart and Jordan said to pick out a movie... we picked out Wall Street with Shia LaBeouf and Micheal Douglas. It looked really good. I ended up falling asleep when we were watching it... it was a little slow but Jordan said it was good at the end! I wouldn't know!

Jordan directed us to the toy aisles were we found a Backgammon board for our Acey-Ducey game! We already had a travel version of the board but it just wasn't cutting it for our intense matches... so we got ourselves a new board! We were both super excited!

We got home from Walmart and made our delicious pizza and ate it by candlelight. Then we played a game of Acey-ducey in which he won... BUT he had ONE less piece than I did and we didn't realize until the game was over... so does that win really count? I don't think so.

Then Jordan had me open a little gift bag - it was filled with Sour Patch Watermelons because that's what we get every time we go to the theater... We had to have them for our big movie night at home! So we opened up a bag of the delightful watermelons and watched our movie!

It was an all over perfect little day. I love spending time with my Valentine! We had such a good little time together! 

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  1. Well, if that isn't the CUTEST pic of you two! I love it!!!