Tuesday, February 21

For the Love of Friends

I had to blog about this weekend because it was so friend-filled and fun-filled that I want to remember it forever!

Sarah W. came in to town for the long weekend since she had President's Day off at work. Let me tell you, we were all jumping for joy. However, we kept Sarah W.'s trip a secret from Sarah B. in order to surprise her when we took her out for dinner for her birthday on Friday. So just as Sarah W. arrived in town, her and I headed over to Sarah B. and Allison's place to meet them, Kari, Abbie, and Hannah. As I honked on my arrival, I noticed all the girls were looking out of Allison's bedroom window so Sarah W. decided that it would be best for her to stay in the car to keep the surprise going...

I hopped out of my car to go meet the girls up in their apartment. They were all headed down the stairs... as we  turned around and stepped foot into the parking lot, Sarah W. jumped out from behind the car and and Sarah B screamed at the top of her lungs! We got her! Yay!! Sarah B was surprised. She was so so happy. She had told Allison earlier that week that she just had wanted Sarah W. to come and visit for her birthday. It was so much fun! We all jumped in the cars and off we were to go to Neighbor's Place but it was jammed pack so we decided to eat at La Fogata, a little Mexican restaurant down the street.

Dinner was served and the conversations were flowing. We had such a blast. We talked about everyone's Valentine's Day adventures and just catching up. We then went to Bloop, a new yogurt place down the street, for dessert! Of course it was delish but they didn't have mochi... my favorite topping so I was a little sad. We went over to my place to hang out afterwards and Bre met us there too!

Saturday morning, Sarah W. and I woke up and headed back over to Allison and Sarah B's place to meet them and Abbie for a pancake party hosted by Allison. We talked weddings and fun things since Sarah B is engaged! We had delicious chocolate chip pancakes and coffee. Then the Sarahs, Allison, and I headed off to Target to do some shopping. I was hoping to find a swimsuit but I didn't have such luck. Sarah W. got a a super cute suit and Abbie had gotten one there a few days earlier. I tried on a bunch but nothing was successful. However, I did get a pair of black boots at Rack Room for under thirty dollars so I was quite excited!

Then we headed our separate ways and Sarah W. and I went home to clean up and shower. Jordan finally came back home after some golfing. The three of us headed of to Jersey Mike's to meet Tyler, Allison, and Max for some good ole sub sandwiches, Mike's Way, of course!

We then were off to the last home hockey game of the season against Central Oklahoma. We met Lauren, Paige, Sarah B., and EJ there too! Oh my gosh, it was so good to catch up with Lauren and Paige. Although, I do get to see Paige every week... it's not enough of the twins! Sarah W. hasn't gotten to see them in a while so I think it was fun for them to be able to catch up. Of course, we watched a little bit of hockey too! There was one HUGE fight where everyone on the rink was down on the ice. It was so fun! The referees were not even stopping it for awhile since it involved everyone. Don't you love hockey?

Sarah, Tyler, Jordan, and I went back to our place to hang out for a bit until Sarah left to spend the night on the dorm with Kari and Bre. Jordan and I decided to sleep in and do a bible study at home since we had been up so late the past few nights... plus it was supposed to snow!! I went out while Jordan as still sleeping and got us some Sweet Stella donuts... I woke him up with the fresh smell of the sweets! So delicious!

Well man, did we ever get our snow! I drove out to go get Sarah from the dorm in the afternoon and the snow was sure falling! I'm not sure how many inches we ended up getting but it was definitely over four inches. It was so much! It was so beautiful!  All the girls ended up coming over Sunday night as well to hang out and watch some movies. We first popped in the movie Clueless! Oh how that movie reminds me of my childhood! I love it!

Jordan and Tyler showed up with some Domino's pizza for us and we scarfed it down! Later in the evening, Allison, Sarah W., Abbie, and I went on a snow adventure to the nearest gas station to get some goodies. The gas station ended up being closed so we then traversed our way back home and hopped in Abbie's little car. Sarah drove us to Kroger, since she is a northerner, to get some goodies. We spent some time in the store to pick out what we all wanted and we headed back home. Sarah B. came back over and we watched another movie called Snatch which is a British film with Brad Pitt in it. It is like a gangster comedy. So funny! School called Monday a snow day - so there was no school for anyone!!

Abbie and Sarah spent the night on Sunday. We all woke up and had cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then after chilling for a little bit we decided it was time to go out. We met Sarah B., Allison, and Emily over at TJ Maxx to do some shopping. I was on the hunt for some swimsuits but there was nothing to be found! :( I did find my dad a couple little goodies... that I'm going to keep a surprise!

We all then headed to Chick fil a for some lunch. It was seriously packed tight in that place. Of course, it was absolutely delicious. We then headed to a RedBox to get a couple movies to watch - we picked out Bridesmaids and What's Your Number? We liked them both. They were funny! None of us had seen the What's Your Number movie and were pleasantly surprised about it!

Just as Kari was arriving to watch the Bachelor... we all jumped in her car to go get some Bojangles for dinner! Sooooo good! Soooo bad for you!! Then the Bachelor started. Bre showed up. Sarah then left for DC. :( We watched the craziness of the home dates. Wow!

It was surely an eventful weekend! Filled with so much joy and so much fun! I am truly blessed by all of these girls! love love love love! T minus 11 days and a good portion of us girls will be in Washington, DC visiting Sarah for the day! Can't wait!

The friendship continues for me as I am soon to head out to a much needed coffee date with Libby-loo!

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  1. Your blog always makes me smile. You have got to be one of the perkiest, happiest people I have ever known! Love it!