Monday, March 5

A Capitol Adventure

I think I've mentioned it once or twice already but my best friend Sarah Marie W. is up in Washington D.C. this entire semester for an awesome internship. I've gotten to see her more than I thought so that has been delightful but what do friends do when one is stranded away from the group? Go and visit!

Sarah B., Allison, Abbie, and I all hoped in my little car at 6:00 am this past Saturday to head up to the capitol for a day's adventure with Sarah Marie! We arrived at Union Station where I parked the car shortly after 9:00 am. We headed down Second Street to meet Sarah Marie.

We finally found Sarah's little apartment and then walked to her favorite Starbucks to get some fuel for the day. After chatting for a bit, we headed on over to Eastern Market to scower the little market booths. The market was fabulous. It was filled with fruits, vegetables, paintings, jellies, salsa, clothing, etc. You name it.. it was probably there. 

From the market, we took the Metro and the circulator bus over to Georgetown. We walked up and down it's precious little streets stopping in stores like H&M, Juicy Couture, Steve Madden, and Betsey Johnson. Of course, we had to make a pit stop into my favorite store on the street... Dean & Deluca's. I think the girls just about died when they went it. It's almost magical!

Then we came across the line to get into Georgetown Cupcake, a cupcake store that has a show called DC Cupcake on TLC. It looked like the line was going to be forever but we only waited for 20 minutes. People have waited for hours before... craziness! However, I can say the cupcakes are definitely worth a wait. We each got different flavors and all died as we were eating them. I got the mint cookies and creme. The other girls got an array of red velvet, chocolate peanut butter, coconut, and salted caramel. They were so moist. Typically, I would rather eat the frosting than the cupcake but man, this was a GOOD cupcake!

We then took the subway over to Dupont Circle. We sat around the fountain for awhile and just people watched. It was so much fun! There were so many different 'characters' to watch. There were about a million different dogs, which I absolutely loved. I made friends with Winston (the bulldog), Sampson, Hunter, and Katie.

After a while we took the Metro over to Chinatown to get dinner at Vapiano's, a fun Italian place. It's a restaurant with a  new concept. It's a European based restaurant that has several locations in DC and a few scattered throughout a couple other states. There's one off Mockingbird in Dallas! You don't have a waitress. You're handed a card that serves as your tab throughout the evening. There are low, high, and medium tables that you seat yourself at. They have fresh potted herbs growing on the tables. The menu includes appetizers, pizza, pasta, and paninis. The food was absolutely delightful! I had a pasta dish made with a fun funky type of noodle, cream sauce, pesto, garlic, and chicken. It was yummy!! We loved it. We chatted around our table for awhile until we headed back towards Capitol Hill to drop our dear friend Sarah Marie off.

After the day in the DC sun, the four of us headed back to our reality in Lynchburg. I am speaking for all four of us when I say this, we had a blast! It was absolutely wonderful to be able to spend time with Sarah Marie in her new little location. The DC lifestyle fits her well. She is having so much fun being surrounded by politics, powerful people, nightly activities, and opportunity. So proud of her! Thank you Sarah for taking us around the DC on the "locals" tour! ;)

This trip was filled with immense laughter and joy. It will be remembered forever! Love you girls! I am so blessed.

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