Wednesday, March 7

How God Works

I thought I would share some of the recent workings of God's hand in my life with y'all. It's neat to be able to look back and say "Oh wow! That's why God allowed that" or "He knew best!" Isn't that what life is about? Being swiftly and fervently guided by the hand of God? Being able to look back and worship Him for the things he has done in our lives? He is so mighty and so majestic!

This little story starts with Spring Break this year. Last year, when I went to Florida with Sarah and Kari, we stayed at my grandparents house who live east of Orlando. My parents met us there too. We had an absolute blast. So when planning Spring Break for this year... I wanted to do the same thing... stay with my grandparents with a couple of my friends.

Well, when my parents had called and talked to my grandparents, they found out that my grandparents had some guests staying with them through Wednesday of my Spring Break cause those people were waiting to take a cruise out of the harbor. This was not good news. We didn't have a place to stay anymore. I thought the entire trip was going to be cancelled. I was super bummed. I didn't want to tell the three girls that were going with me. I didn't know what to say.

The next day, my dad had called me and said "I'm getting y'all a hotel." I was so surprised and so happy! Dad said he missed his senior year Spring Break and he regrets it. He wished he would have gone instead of staying back to write a paper. He said he's not letting that happen to me. So Dad bought the girls and I a hotel room for Saturday night through Wednesday. [Thank you again, Dad!] What a blessing! How exciting! The trip was back on!

So I told the girls about the change. We were going to stay in a hotel on CoCoa Beach until Wednesday the 14th when we would go stay with my Grandma & Grandpa. Everyone was good with it. Anyways, Sarah W. had a flight back Wednesday night to DC so it was great.

When we were first talking about the trip, we decided to take Abbie's car down because my little two door convertible would be impractical for the four of us to ride down in. Also, there is definitely not enough trunk room for us all!

When all this talk about the change of Spring Break was occurring, I was also hearing back from a couple hospitals back home that I had applied at. They were offering me interviews! One hospital would only do an in-person interview which is definitely understandable but not exactly good since I live over here in Virginia. These interviews were being held over my Spring Break week... bummer. The other hospital that I was doing two interviews through would let me interview over the phone. Such a blessing!

I was talking with my dad about all this job interview stuff and he just said, "Linds, you gotta come home." Well heck! How am I supposed to do that? What if I do not have the opportunity to interview at the hospital anymore since I had to decline since I wouldn't be in town? I talked with my contact person through the hospital and informed her that I could be home over that week.  Needless to say, I was still offered the interview. That settled it. Dad scheduled me on a flight out of Orlando late Wednesday night to fly home for my interview that would be Friday the 16th.

Another thing, I had a cold this entire time dealing with all of this. Not that big of deal but when I was scheduled for a double phone interview... it is a big deal. Especially since the managers would just be going off the sound of my voice which was awful. I was all congested. I was raspy. It was a mess. When I informed my contact person at the hospital that I would be home, she suggested that I moved my phone interview to an in-person interview. I thought, "Genius!" I don't have to do an interview with my horrid sounding voice anymore. This two week time frame or so would give me time to get over this cold by the time I had my actual interviews. So I scheduled the double interview for Thursday, May 15th in Dallas.

Another issue is that American Airlines doesn't fly into Lynchburg so I had to fly into Greensboro. How was I supposed to get home from Greensboro? I thought about paying a friend to drive down and get me... I would have to pay both ways for them to drive. It would be nearly a four hour trip for them since Greensboro is about two hours away. Well, I was talking about all this stuff in one of my classes and my friend Ashley said she would drive me home! She lives in Greensboro and was going home for break so she would just wait for me to fly in on Tuesday and take me back! Seriously, could she have been more amazing? How wonderful.

So are you seeing how God worked this whole thing out? Are you putting the pieces together? My grandparents wouldn't be able to have us until Wednesday so dad got us a hotel. Sarah was flying back to DC on Wednesday night... Dad found a flight for me at the same time. We took Abbie's car... Abbie and Allison would be able drive back to Lynchburg. I got all three interviews scheduled for the two days I am home. Ashley is able to give me a ride home to Lynchburg from Greensboro.

Man, I love God. I love his ultimate planning. Everything happens for a reason from an almost cancelled trip to scoring three interviews in DFW. All this may seem a little silly because it's about Spring Break and job interviews...okay, well the job interviews are a big deal but I was able to truly see God at work. I love it.

Now I just have to sit and wait to see how the job thing plays out... Keep this in your prayers!

Extra Bonus God thing: For my interviews, I had to write an "exemplar." Yep, what the heck is that? It's basically a nurse-patient scenario and how the nurse was able to interact with the patient through different means of nursing... If that makes since. The coolest thing is that a week before I was offered the interviews, I had to write an "exemplar" for my leadership nursing class. God was preparing me of how to do this so that I would be able to do this for my interviews! Just fabulous!

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