Tuesday, March 27

Spring Break Sweetness

Where should I start? How do you describe such a week like spring break?

Spring break has been over for a week and a half now. It's crazy. It was SO much fun but it was hard not seeing Jordan. I had only seen him for four hours in a 12 day period! It was crazy.

However, I truly enjoyed this much needed break! I would say it started off right... but I lost my wallet before we left for Florida... so that caused a little bit of chaos. No, I didn't find it before the trip but Sheila got a call from school when I was home saying that school has my wallet! Yay!

Well Sheila came into town to pick up Georgie so that he could go home with her and end his stay in Virginia. Georige will be missed. He's such a fun little guy. So quiet. So easy. So cat-like. ;) Jordan and I enjoyed a couple days with Shell in town. Then we picked up Sarah Marie from the train station late Friday night and hung out with Allison when we got back home for a bit.

Abbie and Allison came to pick Sarah and I up early Saturday morning and we were off to the beach! It took us about eleven hours to reach our final destination in CoCoa Beach. We stopped at Zaxby's for lunch which filled me with absolute delight! They have the best sauce in the world.

We rolled in CoCoa about seven at night. We checked into our hotel then went straight to the little restaurant on the beach for some dinner! It was so nice sitting outside, eating good food, and listening to the ocean roar. We then walked along the beach to get our sand in the toes. It was wonderful. I think this is the night that we went to Ron Jon too!

When we woke up early on Sunday, it was overcast and rainy. We were so bummed. The weather was supposed to stay like that all day. After we refreshed ourselves with some Starbucks we went over to my grandparents house to spend the day. They live about 25 minutes from CoCoa. My Papa had gone to the grocery store to get us stuff to make sandwiches for lunch. We chatted for awhile then we played the most intense game of UNO we had ever played!

Now, we play UNO a lot. We had a whole 'UNO crew' that we would play with all the time. So this was crazy intense. We played for five hours straight! Papa plays with points, where we normally don't, so this was one long game! The wait the points UNO works is whoever has the lowest amount of points wins. The points are added up from the cards left in your hand when someone goes out. Well the game is ended when the first person reaches 500 points. So naturally, since I was leading pretty much the entire time, Papa tried to keep Allison in the game (who was loosing) so that he could get a shot to win. Allison stayed at 497 points for six hands of UNO and then at 499 for two more hands. It was the best UNO she has ever played in her life! She was jumping for joy! She won so many times! Papa ended up winning because of his darn tactic. It was absolutely nuts.

We ended the night by going out to dinner with Papa, Grandma, and Grandma's brother and family. It was fun! I had some really good burger sliders on pretzel bread! We drove home and hopped in the hot tub at the hotel. It was so nice to relax in that thing!

We were up bright and early on Monday and literally spent the entire day at the beach! We had our Starbucks and snacks ready for the day. We just soaked every sunray in. Delightful!

We went out to dinner at this restaurant named Sunset. It sat directly on the water. We ate dinner on a dock over the water. It was fabulous. The best part was that we were the youngest people in the entire place. It was filled with all older people. It was hilarious because they had karaoke! We were absolutely loving it. I had a wonderful Steak and Cesar sandwich! Yum yum yum.  The best part about dinner is that the waiters were flocking to our table cause we were the youngest people there. We were dying laughing. By the end of the night, Abbie had been given two numbers! She was absolutely embarrassed but the rest of us loved it! I pretty much peed my pants over the things she was saying about it. It was so funny. Those will be moments, that I will never forget!

After our fun dinner we headed to the restaurant on the beach from some dessert. We got fried dough! It was yummmyyy! We were so full from dinner though that the four of us couldn't finish a basket of this fried dough.

Tuesday, we got up early and went to Christmas, Florida to go on an airboat ride to see the gators! It was an absolute blast. We went here last Spring Break but dad thought Allison & Abbie needed to do it! The place has a giant pig that lives there and they have baby alligators that we can hold. The boat ride was super fun. We saw tons of huge gators and gorgeous cyprus trees.

After our fun little outing, we headed back to CoCoa to get some more time on the beach. We left the beach about 4:00 pm to get ready for Downtown Disney. We met some of the guys from the golf team down at Downtown Disney for dinner and fun. We walked the boardwalk, went into some shops, and had delicious Irish food! Super fun! So glad I got to see my hubby's face!

Wednesday we were up early and on the beach again. We stayed on the beach until we had to go and get ready to head to the airport! Sarah and I both had flights out of Orlando about 8:30. So Allison & Abbie were to drop us off there and they were head on their way back to Lynchburg.

The funny thing is that we practically ran out of gas. We got on the toll road and NO exits had gas stations! We took this huge detour through this creepy little perfect town to finally find gas. We exited with no hope though. I was freaking out because we drove on zero for a long time. So creepy but God had his hand in it. We made it safely to the airport!

I had the best time in Florida for break. This trip will always be remembered. Those three girls rock my life. Although we were missing Sarah B. who was back home getting her wisdom teeth removed, it will be remembered as a FABULOUS trip! We beached it 'so hard,' as Allison would say!

I made him home to Dallas about 10:00 pm. My parents and the dogs picked me up! It was so wonderful to see everyone! It put a huge smile on my face! Absolutely love it.

I had an interview with two nurse managers in Dallas on Thursday afternoon so my mom and I drove down their for the interview. It ended up being at the hospital that I was born in! When we drove onto the campus, my mom was like "YOU WERE BORN HERE!" We just started dying laughing. Crazy. The interview went well. The units were gorgeous.

I had another interview on Friday interview at a hospital in the metroplex. This interview was great as well. The nurse manager seemed to be more on top of it. She asked a lot more questions and difficult ones too. She seemed great. She told me that I would know by Monday if I was selected for a second panel interview that would be held the following Friday. The panel was willing to do it over the phone which was fabulous!

Friday evening, my parents and I headed to our little Red Barn BBQ place for some super good BBQ. My favorite is the jalapeno cheddar cheese sausage. It is so good! My mom loves their corn fritters! But we had some good food and then headed home. Mom and I just kinda hung out those two days around the house. Dad was there in the evening too! It was so nice to be able to hang out with the family. I've missed them!

Saturday, all three of us went to the Dallas Arboretum for the Dallas Blooms festival that is filled with tulips. It was absolutely stunning! I was amazed by the colors that the flowers were blooming in. We had so much fun. Then we went to Vapiano's for lunch in Mockingbird Station. Since this was St. Patty's day there were a million people swarming the streets of downtown Dallas all dressed in green. It was crazy!

On Sunday, we went to church and heard a wonderful message by Pastor Andy on the Hosea love story. It was very thought provoking. So good! Then we went over to Sheila's house and met Julie, Debbie, and Nola over there for lunch. Sheila had cooked delicious ham with cheesy potatoes! It was supposed to be for Tyler but she forgot that Tyler was leaving Sunday morning so we all celebrated Tyler without him! :) Mom and I hung out there for awhile chatting and watching some GCB episodes then went home and spent the evening with dad and the pups.

On Monday, mom and I met Julie and Nola out to get our toes done! Sheila joined us for lunch!  just as we sat down to lunch, I got a call from the nurse manager from HEB that I had been selected for the panel interview. I practically squealed. I was super excited!

Mom and I hung out at home for a while and ordered chinese for dinner when dad got home. We were in a crazy thunderstorm. Some of the thunder literally shook the house. It was absolutely nuts! It kept on going through the night. I woke up so many times in the night because of the storm.

I woke up at the crack of dawn on Tuesday to get on the plane. Dad dropped me off at the airport and I flew into Greensboro. My precious friend Ashley was there waiting for me to drive us back to Lynchburg. It was such a fun car trip cause we were able to talk job interviews and weddings since Ashley just got engaged and had an interview over break too!

Pretty much right when I got home on Tuesday, I went over to Libby's house to catch up with her. I stayed there until 1:00 in the morning! Sorry Isaac! ;) We just keep on talking and talking and talking! I absolutely love catching up with her. I had an absolute blast. She is such an incredible woman of God and love her for it! It's nice to be able to have a friend that's living practically in my shoes since she is young and married. I treasure our friendship!

When I finally got home from the Wendlands, Jordan arrived shortly after! It was so delighted to be able to see his face! I missed him dearly. I think he was happy to be home in a 'clean' and 'girly' environment since he got such a good reminder of what it's like to live with boys over break. He loves the smell of our place ;)

Eek! Well seriously, that was my crazy Spring Break. Obviously, I'm writing this a week afterwards so I've been busy. It's hard to get back into the swing of things after having a break so I've been trying to get things done. I'll do another update in the near near future!

I appreciate and love y'all,

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