Tuesday, April 3

Happily Hired


I mentioned that I would update soon on my newest accomplishment of getting hired! I have already said several times that I had a few job interviews over Spring Break which ended in this feat.
My last interview was on Friday, March 16 through Texas Health for HEB. I thought it went really well. I really enjoyed the nurse manager. I had fun during the interview, which I suppose was surprising. She asked some tough questions but I felt good about my answers.  

She had told me that I would hear back by Monday if I was one of the five selected for the next step in the process, a panel interview. Well needless to say, I was out to lunch with my mother, Sheila, Julie, and Nola when my cell phone started ringing! I picked it up and it was the nurse manager on the phone.

She said that she enjoyed my interview on Friday and she would love to have me in the panel interview that upcoming Friday the 23rd. Of course I said YES! She said she was really excited about it. She gave me some little details about how the interview would go. I was to do it over the phone with a panel of five people interviewing me. It was scheduled for 3:00 my time on Friday afternoon.

So of course I felt like the week went by slowly since I was excited and nervous about this opportunity. I was super excited though! Well Friday surely rolled around and I sat at my little black round table patiently awaiting my telephone call. It came at 3:00 pm sharp.

Here we go! The people on the panel all introduced themselves and proceeded with the questions. They asked about five or six questions that were definitely difficult. I was not excepting some hard questions from them at all but I got them, that's for sure! After a few laughs and answered questions, we signed off and said good-bye.

I once again felt good about my answers to their questions yet I had this overwhelming feeling that I didn't get the job. I'm not sure why. It just overcame me even though I liked my answers. Perhaps it was the fact that the interview was over the phone is why I was thrown or maybe it was the Holy Spirit messing with me! ;)

Well, after my interview I headed to meet Jordan and Tyler at a Liberty baseball game. We had beautiful weather so it was perfect! Of course, my favorite Paige was there supporting her man too! She was probably the person I needed to see at the moment in time cause she can understand the nursing aspect of my interview. It was good just to be able to chat with her for a little bit.

Once the game was over we headed back to the house except I had noticed that my car rims needed to be cleaned since they were absolutely filthy. I headed over to our little 'car center' in our apartment complex to wash the wheels!

I had just starting washing the first rim when my cell phone started ringing. It was an unknown number from Texas. My heart started pounding out of my chest. I answered. It was the nurse manager. She sounded happy. She started by saying that the panel absolutely loved me and that they would like to offer me a position in their new graduate program and to join their team. They couldn't imagine their team without me! I  flipped! Well, not out loud. I kept my cool on the phone. She asked if I would accept the position. I said I would absolutely love too and then the choir went off. The panel was on speaker phone and they started shouting "yay!!" That just put a huge smile on my face. My nurse manager asked if I had any more questions for the moment and I said "Definitely not right now." She laughed and we hung up. 

That's when the flood hit. I instantly started bawling. Oh lawdy! Save me. Jordan wasn't with me... he had stopped by the main office of our complex to take care of some house keeping. I called him balling. He of course answered. The second he realized I was crying he said, "Lindsay, what is going on?" I said, "I got the job!!" He replied, "Oh booty!! Congratulations!" He had me hang up since he was talking with our apartment managers...

So I tried to call my mother and father. Dad was in the middle of the a golf tournament and mom was out with Missy. They both didn't answer. Mom called me back within two seconds and I told her! She screamed. So did Missy! Mom said she just KNEW I had it... please. 

When I was talking with mom, Jordan called back to ask where the heck I was since I wasn't at home. I explained that I was washing my wheels and he said "GET HOME!!" I finished washing my rims then drove the 100 yards back to our place and ran in the door. Jordan gave me a huge hug! We did our little happy dance that we do... and I was ecstatic!

I had gotten a call from Dad leaving me a voicemail saying how proud he was of me and that he couldn't control his emotions. My father is a softy! ;) I absolutely adore that about him.

Well text messages were sent and phone calls were made to a handful of others. My mom made calls to pretty much the entire family. Mom was absolutely thrilled as was I.

So that's pretty much the gist of how I was offered and reacted to my first big girl job! I will be the newest nurse in the ICU at Texas Health HEB starting in July! I can't not wait to start this adventure that God has allowed me embark on. I feel like it is the perfect fit and that I'll be just at home. The nurses seemed fabulous! I was able to laugh with everyone in the interviews. I learned that there is a group that run together and another group that goes on mission trips together. I just can't wait for this journey.

from Texas Health HEB
Now all I have to do is pass the NCLEX which will be available to me mid-June. I'm studying and praying my way through this thing. ;)

I feel so blessed beyond belief! Thank you all for your prayers throughout my application and interview process. God has definitely placed me where He wants me and that's for sure. Love you all.

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  1. So excited for you - you're going to be a fabulous nurse!