Wednesday, April 4

Back to Being

I haven't painted in the longest time! The last time I painted was a portrait of Thunder for my parents this past summer. I don't remember my last project that proceeded that one so I am feeling lost, lost from part of me.

I love painting. It's a hobby. It's a stress reliever. It's a creative outlet. It's entertaining. It's an accomplishment. It's fun. It's beautiful. It's difficult. It's forgiving. It's mine.

I feel like most of my painting projects have been for me but looking back that might not be the case. I've done a ton of personal work like painting my jewlery armoire and a ton of different canvases. I've painted one portrait of Juno and one of Thunder for my mom. I've painted a portrait of Tex for Missy. I've painted a jewelry armoire for Aly. I've painted a fun shoe quote for Kelsey. 

My latest project was painting a canvas for my friend Laura. Laura is the daughter of one of my mom's best friend! She is absolutely fabulous and two precious children. My painting for her is one of a beautiful quote to hang above her daughter's bed. 

This project made me nervous. I think I am nervous because I usually don't make things off the top of my head.  I either see something and become inspired or I copy an image I already have. So because this was to be totally made up with just help from looking at Maren's bedding... it was slightly nerve racking!

However, I embarked on this journey! Laura sent pictures of her daughter's bedding and bedroom for inspiration and I went on.
from PB kids
Laura said she saw this quote sometime when she was down in Texas... "Jesus knows me, this I love." It's a play on the little Bible song. It's a really neat thought if you think about it. So here it goes... here is my rendition...

I am so grateful for this opportunity. It set me back to being me. Back to living. I missed my painting and crafts. I can't wait for this summer to be able to have TIME!

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