Tuesday, May 3

A Fresh Start

My freshman year at Liberty I started a blog. The blog was a way for me to recall the memories that I was making and to be able to share them with my loved ones. The blog only lasted a couple of months before I quickly realized the busyness of college life.

Needless to say, much has happened since those first few months of my college career.

I am wrapping up my junior year now. My last class was today. I have three finals until I am free from the grind of the ever so dreaded 'junior year of nursing.' A word to the wise, it was quite dreadful but I learned so much! The senior year encompasses a different type of fear that the junior year. Senior year means that I am ALMOST a real nurse. I will have to actually apply the wealth of knowledge that I have built up since my freshman fall.

The biggest new addition is this ever so glitzy diamond ring on my left hand. Jordan and I got married last summer on July 23 in downtown Dallas with 250 of our closest family and friends by our side. The wedding was blissful and gorgeous. The honeymoon in Montego Bay was splendid and relaxing. Marriage has completely been a gift from God. Our first year has been nothing short of a blessing. We love our little one bedroom apartment adorned with our many wedding gifts. We love the time that we have together. We love just being us!

My idea for this blog is that of my original blog from freshman year. I want to be able to record the precious memories that Jordan and I are creating. I plan to also share my thoughts on life and the world. Additionally, I would like to share things that I am intrigued by whether it be fashion, ideas, home decor, recipes, or whatever.

This is our life as the Frye's.

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