Tuesday, May 10

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer

The last few days have been an absolutely whirlwind. The semester is over. Our junior year is finished. I am almost in disbelief. One more year, until Jordan and I enter the "real world." I feel so blessed by all that God has taught us over this past school year and I am looking forward to the challenges and lessons that will come in the next year.

For those of you who don't know, the junior year of  nursing (at Liberty) is the toughest year of our college career. There are several things that make up the difficulty: the classes, the amount of studying, the crazy schedule, and the time commitment. Regardless, I succeeded in all my classes and I made it through exhausted and ready for summer break! I am looking forward to what the senior year brings... critical care, psychiatric nursing, and community nursing!

Two of our great friends, Jacob & Andrew, organize an event every semester that we call "triathedate." At first, I believe it was a way that they could try and snag dates with girls but now its a joyous competition. Couples compete in three events including tennis, disc golf, and putt putt. It is such a fun day! It first started with about six couples and last spring it reached it's max of about 25 couples! Jacob & Andrew started it for a few of their close friends on the golf team and others. Now, it is just a whole bunch of couples.

Well, triathedate this semester was on Sunday. There were only nine couples this time because of date controversy, being at the very end of the semester and on Sunday, but it we all still had a blast! The couples wear matching outfits and often make team shirts... so  I decided that I would make shirts for us for the first time. I spent friday night making these fun shirts while Jordan enjoyed an evening of tennis-baseball with the guys.
The supplies
The front
The back
Hope & Stephen were the champions during the fall so they were back to claim their title. They ended up taking first in tennis. Jordan & I finished seventh. Obviously, we are great at tennis. Next was disc golf, Max & Abigail took the win with four over par. Jordan & I tied Sarah & Robert with 6 over par for second place. Putt-putt, the last and final event, determined our fate. We started it off with some good ole ice cream from the fudge shoppe next door to Tiny Town golf. Jordan & I turned in our scorecard last out of the couples and ended up placing first!! Our 7th, 2nd, and 1st place finishes landed us ONE point short of overall first place. We accepted second place behind MAX & ABIGAIL! The champions!! :)

We are clinging to the fact that we'll win next year! ;)

Jordan and I have spent the day getting ready to head back to Texas for the summer. He had a online final that he had to do while I did THREE loads of laundry. We cleaned up the apartment, cleaned out Boss (Jordan's truck), and packed our lives. Well, part of our lives. We really only had to pack clothes which was nice as compared to the past few summers of packing up our entire dorm rooms! 

We start the journey tomorrow morning! We should arrive Thursday in time for some dinner grilling poolside. Let the summer living begin! Much love.

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