Tuesday, May 3


Jordan and I watched the travel channel last night. We were intrigued by all the delectable food they were chatting about. We watched a couple episodes of Top 10 foods. One was the Top 10 southern soul food, of course they stopped in Texas several times but one place they stopped features fried chicken and waffles as the main treat. This became today's inspiration.

I needed to pick up some staple groceries at the store but as my craving for something salty lingered inside of me... I arrived at the checkout line. As I approached the area, the smell of greasy fried chicken drew me to the small heated hut. I then proceeded to pick out a bucket of fried chicken for dinner! I knew that we had pancake mix at home so I decided that I would surprise Jordan with a fun meal!

Little did I know, the pancake mix that we have does NOT convert into waffle mix. So the inspiration of chicken and waffles quickly turned into chicken with mashed potatoes. My mother would argue that this was the better option anyhow.  Although dinner was not necessarily as planned, our fingers were pleased being coated with the greasy crunchy crust that adorned our delectable chicken. We finished dinner with the lines of "we have to hit up some Babe's this summer" and "at least a couple of times."

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  1. You will not know how happy I am that you have a blog!! :) :) I love you, Lindsay! What a blessing you have been to me!!