Wednesday, December 21

A Silver Year

Here's to my wonderful parents!

Yesterday, they celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary!
What a blessing their marriage and relationship has been to my life and others in their lives. Since Dad took Mom to NYC for their anniversary, I decided that I would make them dinner. I made them creamy grilled chicken picata and ceasar salad. I also surprised them with fruit pizza, the size of the Earth, for dessert! They were so grateful!

My parents met in Dallas in the early spring of 1986. They were at a dance thing in one of the sky-scrapers in downtown. The story goes that my mother saw my dad from across the room and thought "Ohhh! I want to dance with that guy!"

Well guess what? At the end of the year, they got married in Seattle at my grandma Anne's house. They were meant for each other. Dad is punctual, Mom is not. Mom is talkative and extremely outgoing, Dad is not so much. They both have the most tender hearts. Mom is creative, Dad is analytical. They both have a great sense of humor. Dad is organized, Mom is not. They are both brilliant. They are both hard working. They are both dedicated. They are each others best friends.

My parents have lived in several different homes and states throughout out their marriage but the love has been ever present. My parents lived in the Dallas for the first five years of their marriage. Mom surprised Dad with a cat, Pasha, for his birthday in 1989 and then she gave him the so important gift of me, one year later!They made it through only being able to have one child, enduring the winter chill of the Minnesotan air, the death of our cat, sending their daughter off to college, watching their young daughter get married to the man of her dreams, decorating for Christmas each year, being empty nesters, training two dogs, and the Texas heat. Of course, these are light hearted 'trials' but they just represent that my God-fearing parents have been in it for the long hall.

I believe that my mom and dad's relationship truly echos 1 Corinthians 13...

My dad is constantly having to practice patience as my mother finishes getting ready to go out although getting married in nine months is not very patient. [Love is patient]

My parents are incredibly loving towards each other. I have never ever questioned their devotion to each other. They are each other's greatest fans. Always cheering, always rooting, always supporting. Although, their may be a lot of teasing going on [Love is kind]

My parents always want the best for each other. They encourage each other to eat healthy, stay in shape, and love the Lord. [Love does not envy]

My parents consider themselves to be life long partners. My dad is the head of the household, however he walks side by side my mother. My mother does not 'wear the pants' but respects my father as he loves her. They are equals, taking on life hand in hand. Although, they like to argue who is the 'most favorite parent.' [Love does not boast and it is not proud]

My parents relationship is filled with the utmost respect. They communicate openly with each other. They speak in love about each other and towards each other. They have each others backs. Although, a joke about one another might be said here and there [Love does not dishonor others]

The purpose of their relationship is to get to know God better. They are not in the marriage to improve their self image or please their self but to honor each other and God. Although, Dad may wash the dishes every night so that he may be on mom's good side. [Love is not self-seeking]

My parents are able to communicate in love, most of the time. They have made it through 25 years of marriage solely on the basis that they can communicate. This does not mean that one might not get heated towards each other every so often but there remains respect, gentleness, and love. Although, Dad may whine at mom if she didn't walk the dogs during the day. [Love is not easily angered]

My parents are forgiving. In 25 years of marriage, they for sure have had disagreements and wrong doings but since God forgave them, they forgive each other. Although, Mom remembers when dad finishes the last bit of chocolate goodies in the pantry. [Love keeps no records of wrongs]

My parents have been faithful and truthful to each other for the past 25 years. Although, there may be secrets about upcoming Christmas gifts [Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth]

My parents always protect each other from harm, always trust each other , always hope for the best for each other, and always persevere through the tough times. [Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perserveres]

Their love hasn't failed. It definitely has not been their effort to keep their marriage together that has made it last but their believe in their Heavenly Father. Since He is the center of their relationship, he acts as the bonding glue. God has truly blessed them with each other!

So grateful for their love,

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    Congrats to your parents!

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