Friday, January 20

The Start of the End

We safely arrived in Lynchburg just one week ago to start our official last semester as undergraduates. It seriously hard to believe. It blows my mind. We've worked so hard up unto this point - I plan to finish the semester out strongly! (I have pictures of Georgie & I on our roadtrip up here at the bottom...)

Sarah came up this past weekend for a little visit, which I was super thrilled about! She is spending this entire semester doing an internship in Washington, D.C. We keep saying that she is a big girl now... as if she wasn't one before! I am seriously excited for this opportunity she has but I definitely will miss her being around the good ole Lynchburg.

We got some good girl time in the few days that she was here. We saw some of our best friends and was able to chat and catch up on life. One of our best friends, also named Sarah, got engaged over break! So of course we had to hear the story and hear about the wedding details that are coming together! Seriously thrilled for Sarah and her fiance, EJ!

I just finished my first week of this semester. Both, Jordan and I's schedules are fabulous. He only has ONE class on campus which is on Tuesdays and Thursday. He has three online courses though. I only have class on Thursday and Friday but I'm pretty much gone all day.

Yes, that's right... I have a five day weekend!

That is until you throw my clinical schedule into the mix. That's when things get messy. I will be doing six weekends of leadership clinicals in the Surgical Trauma ICU this semester. That includes two twelve hour shifts during those weekends. I'm really excited about my assigned floor and being able to exhibit more independence. Basically, my partnered nurse should be able to sit down at the front desk and read a book... unless a crisis occurs! I also have a few clinicals on Mondays at one of the local high schools for my community nursing class. Those should be interesting!

Jordan and I are watching Georgie (his parents dog) for the first half of the semester while they are traveling abroad. I suppose Tyler will be helping care for him too when we have busy weekends. It has been super fun having a dog in the house. There is nothing better than a dog greeting you at the door when you get home from a long day!

Georgie is an extreme Mama's boy so we were unsure of how he would react to being away from his mom but he has done absolutely tremendously. We were actually surprised at how happy he seems! He is playing a lot and cuddleing with us.  He already learned where the door to go outside and potty is. He is absolutely loving the carpeted floors. His home is all wood floors, which is wonderful for us humans but Georgie really doesn't like wood. He loves to gallop around the carpet! It's so precious! He definitely keeps his eyes on me as his surrogate mother. He follows me around instead of Sheila for once in his lifetime, which has been fun! He is actually sitting on my lap as I am typing this. We've really been enjoying his company.

Georgie and I entertained ourselves for the 20 hour road trip by taking some photobooth pictures!

Having this little guy here with us is making really want our own dog. I mean I've always wanted our own dog but I do even more so now. Oh the tortures of waiting!

Here we go... full steam ahead!

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  1. I am so happy you are back where you belong --- with me :) Ike gets back tonight from the meet... you wanna get together Sunday night with the boys? Games??