Wednesday, January 4

A Hunting Endeavor

Last Friday, Jordan asked me so kindly if I would go up to his family's hunting lease with him. Of course, I said yes. The Frye's have leased this hunting land for a while now but I never had been up there since hunting really is not my thing. However, since my loving hubby asked... I went!

Their lease is in Jack County which is just over an hour away from our home. That drive wasn't bad at all. I was able to see some very different parts of Texas. The land over there is covered in rock, cacti, and low growing mesquite trees. Very different than our little so cherished "Colley-wood."

Jordan and I pulled into the lease and made a pit stop at the little check-in Cabin to eat our picnic that my mom had made us. Jordan also loaded up his riffle in case we were to see anything on our way to feeder number one. Jordan let me bring along Tyler's old BB gun, so that I could feel like I was hunting too! So I did a tiny little target practice session. It was fun! I also decked myself out in Jordan's camo gear! He asked if I wanted to use his camo gloves but I kindly said, "No babe, I got my camo gloves right here..." as I pulled out my leopard gloves! Leopard is definitely  my version of camo!

We then headed out to feeder one which was definitely an adventure. The roads, or should I say paths, were very bumpy, rocky, and holey. It was definitely fun though! We eventually got to feeder one and went and parked ourselves in the blind that's about 200 yards away from the feeder.

We spent time whispering back and forth and taking turns playing games our on phones as we waited for the sun to set. Just at about 5:40 pm we saw three deer appear across a little creek to our front right sides. Jordan and I watched as they ate grass and lurked amongst the mesquite trees.

He couldn't get a clear shot... we were watching two of the deer steadily. There were so many trees in the way but after about five minutes of just watching them, Jordan says, "I'm gunna shoot!" He had made up his mind since they had gone home a countless number of times empty handed from the lease... he was determined to do this!

He said, "shooting!" then all of a sudden a loud riffle sound shot off in the air and the doe went straight down about a 150 yards away. Then four deer sprinted away... there was actually five out there! Jordan and I ran out of the blind and as we did so, the deer tried to crawl away.  Naturally, I cried seeing the deer struggle so as hunters often do, Jordan had to deliver a second shot to kill the deer. He sent that bullet straight to the kill spot and the deer instantly died.

Tyler and his friend Caleb were also out at the lease... so we texted them and told them to come on over and that the deer was down. We took the two of them over to the deer and loaded the deer into the old truck, Jewel. We drove over to a clearing away from any feeders so that Caleb could gut the deer. He has had lots of deer gutting experience!

About an hour after the kill, we were headed to the Jacksboro butcher with the doe. This was the first deer that had been shot on the lease by the guys! Everyone was so excited! We ordered summer sausage, breakfast sausage, steaks, and burger meat! We are anxiously waiting to eat some venison stew and burgers!

The four of us got dinner at the Mexican restaurant in town the Jordan and I headed back home. Tyler and Caleb stayed out at the lease to hunt later than night and early this morning... They ended up getting a hog right when they got back to the lease! Two kills in one night, the biggest day at the lease ever!

Needless to say, although a deer lost her life, it was definitely a good day! I'm now the good luck charm ;)

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  1. Thank you for sharing your first hunt. It is always exciting to participate in such endeverse. I wonder , will you go again!!!!!!!!!