Saturday, June 18

Traveling Times

So this summer we have been traveling fools and will continue to be so for the remainder of the summer. It's kinda crazy.

I am not really one for car rides. I would much rather fly. Now Jordan on the other hand would probably drive. Taking off and landing in airplanes make him semi nervous but he handles it like a man! ;) When I was growing up the longest trip by car we took was four hours and that was to my grandma and grandpa's house when I lived in Minnesota for a few years.  We flew if we were going anywhere else. Jordan's parents are big drivers. His parents frequently drive out to the east coast on a whim to watch him in a golf tournament, which is completely admirable!

All this to say, I have been a car riding fool this summer. Started off with the 20 hour drive from Lynchburg to home. We did it in one day for the first time ever after three years of driving out there, which about kills me each summer start and end. We were feeling the road though - we made it and toughed it out! It was spectacular!

Last week we were in Beaumont, Texas (just east of Houston) for a golf tournament. That was a five hour drive each way. This week we are in Austin, only a mere three hours away, for another golf tournament.

In a couple weeks we will make a five hour trip to Wichita, Kansas for a friend's wedding. Then head from there to Iowa (seven hours from Wichita) to visit my grandparents. When we make that twelve hour journey back, Jordan will be turning around for a fifteen hour drive to Indiana for yet another golf tournament. I, however, will be staying at home for that one! Jordan also has several tournaments left that are two hour drives away. All this car tripping will be concluded this summer with a caravan drive back to Lynchburg in mid August.

Like I said, traveling by car isn't my thing. This summer is quite the contrary. Don't you agree?

Beaumont was a tiny little Texas town that exemplifies Louisiana much more than it does Texas. We hit up a couple of Mexican restaurants that had this fabulous grilled chicken dish that involved mexican cheese, bacon, and jalapenos, that I'm going try to tackle at home. It was seriously to die for.  I'll share the recipe once I try it!!

Jordan played well in his tournament. It was an Adam's pro golf tour tournament at the Beaumont Country Club. He made the cut (which was one under par) after the second day and was able to play two more days. Greg (Jordan's dad) caddied for him all four rounds while Sheila (Jordan's mom) and I watched in the dreaded humidity that exists in southern Texas.

Sheila and I were able to do some shopping on our first full day in town. We hit up the mall and found a fabulous antique store. I MEAN FABULOUS!

I tried to capture the cuteness of how the owner arranged all her finds but I couldn't... :(

It was so fabulous that we had to go back with the boys later in the week. Greg and Jordan found Gracie Mae...

Sheila and I each found great items. Sheila got a pair of fabulous ornate lamps for a steal of a price (I'll post a picture when I can). I got some antique fabric remnants and an antique queen size quilt of pink rosebud chenille fabric!

I was seriously stoked about the adorableness of the piece! I can't wait to create something with it!

Austin has already been quite the shopping adventure as well! Sheila, Tyler, Hayley, and I hit up the Round Rock Premium Outlets on Tuesday when Greg and Jordan were playing a practice round for Jordan's golf tournament. We spent a fabulous six hours time there and spent quite a few dollars too! Found some seriously great deals.

Jordan's tournament in Austin is at the Texas State Amateur which is one of the most esteemed amateur tournaments in the United States. Over 650 people tried to qualify to make the tournament and only 144 made the cut. The course at the Austin Country Club, where the tournament is being held, is one of the most gorgeous golf courses that I have laid eyes on. A third of the holes have a view of the stunning Colorado River. Just fabulous!

View from hole three on the course towards the water; photo credit
view from the bridge; golf course is on the right.
The club held a banquet for the players plus a guest on Wednesday night, so Jordan and I got dressed up for the evening and headed to the club.

Oh! Wait! What the heck are on Jordan's feet? Oh, he didn't bring any dress shoes? DSW to the rescue!

Jordan didn't make the cut this week. He missed it by two strokes but that's okay! You live and you learn! He had 29 pars or better out of 36 holes so he played really well just had a couple struggle holes which is completely understandable on this golf course. It was a joy to watch for the two days!

We got back last night from Austin and just had the most fabulous time in the beautiful rolling hills that surround the capital of Texas. Great fun with friends and family.

The saying around the grand ole state is "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could." Jordan exemplifies that phrase - he is Texas proud. After exploring several areas of this great state this summer, who wouldn't be! Hope you get a chance to explore the great state of Texas sometime!

With love from a native Texan,

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