Sunday, June 19

Father's Day Fiasco

Happy Father's Day!! 

The most thanks and honor to my incredible dad who has taught me as many life lessons as there are stars in the sky. From riding a bike to learning to fear the Lord,  from laughing and giggling to crying and compassionate, from finding out who Santa really was to discovering who my Savior is, from having dreams to being dedicated to accomplish them: my dad has helped me through it all! What a blessing he has been and still is. He is my number one fan! I, being his only child, am his number one fan back! He leads such a loving and generous life to all those within his reach. I love you Dad! Thanks to the waterfall of blessings you have placed in my life.

My newest addition of a father, Greg, my father-in-law has been just as splendid to his two boys as my father to me! How grateful I am to have a father-in-law that loves the Lord fervently and is completely dedicated to his family. Greg has been a wonderful example to his sons about how to truly love your wife, love your children, love your God, and love your life! I have been so blessed to have Greg in my life as a my father in law for the past year and as tremendous friend for the past six years! Thank you for all the love, passion, and laughter that you share on daily basis! Love you!

Now to move past the sentiments, I found the most incredible recipe for pancakes that I knew I had to make for my dad for Father's Day breakfast. We really celebrated Father's day breakfast on the 12th since Jordan had his tournament today but the gifts were saved for the real day ;) 

The ultimate pancake recipe: Cinnamon Roll Pancakes. 

Are you asking, where does the fiasco of Father's Day come into play? Right here. Yep at the recipe. Okay, perhaps it's not the recipe but its the chef? Not sure. However, the splendid pictures that the RecipeGirl shared of her pancakes did not quite exemplify my pancakes.

Issues with the cinnamon roll pancakes:

  1. Recipe only calls for 4 pancakes. Big problem. It is definitely necessary to make more than 4 pancakes
  2. Only double the pancake batter if you double the recipe - you'll have more than enough cinnamon batter and cream cheese icing on the single recipe.
  3. The cinnamon batter does not easily pour into that beautiful swirly shape - I utilized the shape of 'chunks'
  4. Once you flip the pancakes to the side that had the cinnamon poured on, the cinnamon mixture melts and creates craters in the pancakes... I solved this issue by pouring more pancake batter over top of the added cinnamon mixture.
  5. one last additional note: USE A NON-STICK SKILLET!!!
first catastrophe not using non-stick skillet and not cooking enough. yikes!

My version of swirls... :)
So my pancakes, as previously said, did not turn out like the ones from the pictures but once they were cooked - they were sure delicious!! They did get that caramelized look and taste that the pictures show (just not as pretty). The cream cheese frosting in place of syrup was incredible!! My dad thought they tasted divine and didn't even complain that they didn't look like cinnamon rolls ;)

If you are up for a little bit of a MESS but for some FABULOUS TASTING PANCAKES than GO FOR IT!! :)

Our plans for the rest of Father's Day is to soak up the sun rays while floating and grilling by the pool! Enjoy spending time with your dad if you are able to. :)

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  1. YUM! Great recipe! Sounds delicious.

    Such a sweet post to your dad and FIL. Always love reading these posts :) Hope you had a wonderful week!