Tuesday, June 28

Surprises within House Sitting

Jordan and I are house sitting for a week and half for one of my mom's great friends, Becky. I must not forget to mention that Becky's Scottie, Lucy, is Juno and Thunder's best friend! Anyways, we've been house sitting since last wednesday and it's been quite fun!

Becky and her family live in Jordan's parents neighborhood which has been ultimately convenient. Since we have been able to run over there to already borrow a hot glue gun and some underwear for Jordan (he conveniently left half of his stash in Virginia).

Jordan and I are staying in the master bedroom which granted us a huge surprise when we found out not only do that have a sleep number bed but it is also a massager and the head and feet of the bed lift up! It was crazy! We played with the controls for the bed for a good half hour.

I made us dinner at the house on the first night which was interesting since I had no idea where any of the kitchen utilities are. It was like I was playing hide and seek with the kitchen drawers. Very frustrating, slightly entertaining and surprising.

Lucy & Juno
Lucy has been a blast! She absolutely loves people and is a big sweetheart. Jordan has affectionately nick-named her "Goose." He doesn't just say the word either, he hollers it like "GOOOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!" It is quite entertaining to Lucy and I. She is a little bit hefty for a small dog, weighing in at 32 pounds! Which Jordan and I discovered yesterday that Lucy and I together exactly equal Jordan's weight! Surprise! Which could be slightly mortifying since my husband only weighs 32 pounds more than me while being 9 inches taller but since he doesn't have an ounce of fat on his body, I'm okay with that. In fact when Jordan stops working out (even for a couple of days), he looses weight unlike the rest of the human population.

The best part about house sitting so far is the fact that I was able to get so much done to pull off a SURPRISE birthday party for my mom's fabulous 50th birthday!! The party was Friday night and there were about 40 people in attendance. The surprise went off perfectly. She had absolutely no idea! :)

We had Babe's fried chicken and a two layer Nothing Bundt Cake for dessert. Pretty much the two best things on the planet. Best fried chicken ever and the moistest cake you could ever put in your mouth! Sheila, Jordan, Tyler, and Hayley helped set up the party! Sheila was also the photographer for the night. I made all the decorations myself, which I was ultimately pleased with. Failed to get photos though!  I made a "Happy Fabulous 50th Birthday" sign out of sparkly green cardstock letters sewn together. I made the fluffy tissue paper balls out of green, black/white, and white tissue paper and they turned out to be just darling. I also, by inspiration, created a collage of black and white photos of my mom in the shape of a big 50. The last little piece of decor I did was make an "over the hill" birthday ribbon for my mom to wear out of supplies found at Michael's.

my inspiration.
I had a blast doing all the decorations myself. Everyone complemented the decor, which just thrilled me! Thank you pinterest for giving me all the ideas! (follow me here)

Sheila, Julie, and Jan threw my mom a surprise birthday tea party yesterday which she was ultimately surprised again! Who would have thought that they would have two surprise parties in one year? She was thrilled again! The party was absolutely beautiful. The decor was like a little tea room and 'high tea' was served among 15 beautiful women! Thank you ladies for loving and celebrating my fabulous mother!

I hope y'all have had a few wonderful surprises this week! 

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