Monday, September 5

Trying out "Tot"

Sometime this summer, I made a trip with my dad to Walmart to see if they carried shock for the pool. I was unaware of the love affair that I was about to embark on as I entered the Outdoor Living area of the store. After Dad and I discovered the aisle with the pool chemicals, we turned around to see small little grills. Yes, grills!

I walked over towards these little things and saw this precious little red round grill and fell in love. I even more so fell in love with it's delicate price of $15.00! I left my little love there at Walmart as I pondered how much Jordan and I would benefit from it's capabilities.

Pics of Tot in Black from Walmart
That little love story leads us to our first weekend back in Lynchburg. Aly and I were running errands around and I told her that I needed to go to Walmart. I went straight into the Outdoor Living area, didn't even walk through the general area of the store but straight to where I could find my little red grill. It was that moment when I bought him. Him being Tot, Jordan and I's small red grill. I was so pleased! We went back to our apartment right away and I put together Tot. He more precious than I had imagined.

Now this post on my little red grill may seem a bit extreme... but if you had visited our apartment just after I had cooked dinner, you would understand my excitement over this purchase. You see, when you use a grill pan on your stove to grill any food, your apartment fills up with an immense amount of smoke to the point of where you can hardly see anyone else in the room. The windows always had to be open, the ceiling fan going, and the crazy loud oven top fan sucking. The room was always filled with this smoke. It would take a good 60-90 minutes for it to clear out of our little one bedroom apartment. Now that doesn't seem like forever but it is unpleasant especially when you have people coming over.

Do you understand why I am thrilled about tot? We can do our grilling outside and at our convenience! Our apartment place does have several grills around the pool and the park but those are to far away to quickly grill. They really are good for large gathering or a fun day by the pool. So this is why my little red grill was necessary. 

Needless to say... we have never really used a charcoal grill by ourselves before. I think I was a little excited the first time that I tried to fire him up that I wasn't patient enough and well let's just say it didn't work.

as we were waiting for the charcoals to ash over
That all changed last night as Jordan and I fired up Tot for the second time to grill us some brats! Let me tell you, Tot did an excellent job. As well as my man ;)

the finished product
Jordan was in charge of the "man job" of grilling although I hung outside with him to keep him company. He asked me prior to grilling if I could play catch like he was disappointed that I was a girl. Well, of course I said I could and I would since he thought it would be fun... Well we had more than enough baseball mitts (3 total) but we were lacking in the baseball department since he managed to throw them all into the lake this past Saturday... so we just hung out, listened to music, and talked while Tot did his thing!

I also threw together some yummy corn for dinner too! I sauteed 2 tablespoons of butter with about 1 cup of frozen corn. I then flavored the corn with some garlic powder, freshly ground pepper and sea salt, Grill Mates "Roasted Garlic and Herb" seasoning, and a bit of sugar. The corn was delish!

I hope to get a lot of use out of this little guy.

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