Tuesday, September 6

In the Land of Rain

Inhabitants of this lush city of Lynchburg frequently call the town by the endearing term of "Drench-burg." It feels like it rains all the time like it has been for the past two days and will continue to do so for the next several days.

Take a look at our forecast from weather.com:

I actually enjoy rain. There's something peaceful about a rain shower. However, it does get dreary especially when the sun decides to disappear. 

I found this cool website that lets you compare the average rainfall of different U.S. cities. That's how I came to my conclusion that Lynchburg is in fact more rainy than Seattle. Actually, the thirty year averages of the cities shows that Lynchburg has a higher monthly rainfall than Seattle 7 months out of the year. Kind of interesting.

Average annual rainfall:
Lynchburg: 43.31 inches
Seattle: 38.25 inches

The most important thing about living with rain is owning a pair of rain boots or wellies as the British love to call them. I have invested in three pairs of different rain boots since I've been in school year. That's an average of one new pair per year! I think that means that I need another new pair for this year. No worries, I have already found a pair that is way out of my "rain boot budget."

My favorite for this season by Joules // Photo Credit
Cowboy Boot Style; Every respectable southern girl needs a pair like these  // J. Peterman
Designer: Coach // Photo Credit
Designer: Burberry // Photo Credit
My other seasonal favorite is the slip on by Sperry Topsiders
The thing about wellies is that they come in all shapes, colors, styles, sizes, and prices. There is a pair out there for everyone. Do you have a pair of rain boots? What do they say about you? Do you NEED a pair of boots?

What are my three pairs of rain boots?

The Southern Girl's Sunshine // Photo Credit
my slide-on wellies that I bought from Academy last winter; these fit perfectly with all my pants!
Black & White Coach
I think rain boots allow me to love the rain just a little bit more. They can brighten a dull day.

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