Friday, September 9

Precious Moments

Last Saturday prior to my girls night with Sarah, I spent the afternoon with my precious friend Libby. We decided that we were going to paint pottery because we never had done it since we've been at school here. There is this cute little place half way between our houses called All Fired Up where we met in the afternoon.

We spent a while to pick out our pieces of pottery. Libby went with a pretty coffee mug and I went with a cross. I decided against a coffee mug because Jordan and I literally do NOT have a spot for one more mug in our coffee cabinet. We already double stack our mugs... yep.

We chatted and painted for a couple hours at the little place and caught up on our lives. I love our chats because we talk about everything! From our families, our dreams, our husbands, school, friends, our plans, our future dogs, and our future kids... you name it. It's always covered every time we are together.

I love the time that I spend with Libby. As mentioned in previous posts, she is my "married friend." Libby and her husband, Isaac, are a true treasure to Jordan and I! It is such a fun thing to have married friends in our world filled with single people. I feel like there is something different between married friends and even our friends that are dating someone seriously. I think it just makes it a little more special since they are married and they do understand what it's like to be newlyweds and still in college!

Libby's sunflower mug
A couple weekends ago, the four of us went on a double date to see the movie The Help. I finally finished the book so I could go see the movie. I thought the movie was absolutely delightful and stayed true to the book. The only bummer I have to say is that there is so much more detail in the book that I wished that everyone who only saw the movie got to know... I kept on sharing things afterwards with the three of them since they hadn't read the book. Libby and the boys all enjoyed the movie! It provoked tears and laughter, just a wonderful blend.

My finished cross

After our matinee, we came back to Jordan and I's apartment to eat dinner and play games. I had cooked Upside Down Pizza (Jordan's favorite thing!) and a Cesar salad. We played girls verse boys in the games, of course! Libby and I took the boys down 4 to 1 in Sequence and the boys beat us in a round of Spades... although we let them win since they were such babies about Sequence. Probably because they really sucked it up! ;)

I do just have to spend a couple words bragging about our Sequence skills... Libby and Isaac had never played before so it was a new game for them! Anyways, Libby and I lost the first round as the boys took a
"run of all runs" in where they got 2 sequence runs along one WHOLE side of the board, which apparently is a world record because it's never been done all the times we've played. Libby and I came back in round two with a win and in round three. We had won the match since we were playing "best out of 3" which then became "best out of 5" since the boys couldn't handle loosing. Libby and I preceded to win the next game with a "run of all runs" and won the "best out of 5." Did we stop there? No, because the boys were still loosing. So our last and final hand would be "best of 7" in which Libby and I won the next game for the whole series to be 4 to 1. We were the champs of the round and even stole the guys "run of all runs" record!!

That night of games will never be forgotten for there were two "world records" and it was with such a wonderful couple. I am so happy with the way our pottery pieces came out... I can't wait to go again! Perhaps I might have to drag my man along...

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  1. Your cross turned out great girl! I'm definitely going back to paint one.