Sunday, September 4

Cherished Cleaning

Jordan and I decided at the beginning of the semester that Sundays would be our weekly cleaning day together. We take a little bit of time to pick up the place extra well. There's always some vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning of mirrors. Of course, picking up the clothes that have managed to live on the ground during the week.

I am starting to really enjoy this time that we spend together for there is really nothing to think about but ourselves and our little place. Plus, cleaning isn't so bad when you have a helping hand!

We start cleaning when we get home at 10 after our early church service. Today, we started by making our bed which was interrupted by Clint Black singing "When I said I Do" to which we had to have a little slow dance to. Such a precious song. :)

Jordan vacuumed today as I scrubbed the kitchen floor. We went to the laundry room at our apartment club house and started FOUR loads of laundry. Visited the car center and vacuumed out both of our cars. I also went back to wash my rims since they get so black just from driving, I guess it's a sports car thing? Who knows.

By request of my hunk, I cooked grilled cheese and ham sandwiches along with tomato basil soup for lunch. We then proceeded to fold our massive pile of clean laundry before he headed out for practice.

There's something about the hour that we spend on Sunday mornings that I absolutely cherish. I hope that this tradition will continue "until the end of all time..."

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