Thursday, October 27

Wonderful Weekend Away

So being from Dallas, we naturally cheer for the professional sports teams that are from that area. Yes, that means we root for the Cowboys in football, the Mavericks in basketball, and the Stars in hockey. Since baseball season is coming to a close, we are HUGE Texas Rangers fans. When the games are on, Tyler & Jordan have all their Rangers gear on like their hats and shirts. Also, they will only use our Texas Rangers plastic cups to drink from when watching the games... a little bit crazy. ;)

Greg's company has season tickets to all the the home games, so we get to frequent the stadium when we are at home which is always a blast. That's where Jordan and I got our collection of Rangers' cups from. Needless to say, when we are at school we sit and cheer at the television!

Since the Rangers made it to the World Series, Greg flew the boys home for two of the games in Dallas. I was meant to stay here in Virginia when they were gone but my gracious father could not handle that they would be home and I wouldn't. Our conversation on the Wednesday before we left went a little like this: Dad said, "I miss you... do you wanna come home?" Me, "Are you serious? Of course!" so Dad mustered up his american airlines miles and bought me a ticket home! It was such a good surprise! I was so excited! 

Because Dad and I made this little decision, mom didn't know about it so it was my job to call her and tell her... before I could even say "hello" she shouted, "Are you coming home?" I said, "I have two things to tell you... 1) I'm finally wearing the black boots that you got me for last Christmas 2) You better find Halloween costumes for Juno & Thunder because I'll be home this weekend!!" My mother then proceeded to scream at the top of her lungs. No joke! I thought to myself, "I hope she's not out in public." So yes, I got to go home this past weekend!

Jordan, Tyler, and I pulled out of Lynchburg on Friday afternoon and headed to Richmond for the night since our flight was leaving at 6:30 in the morning. The early flight was perfect though because it gave us the whole day at home. 

I also arrived in time to attend the Halloween themed "Westie Walk" by Westie Rescue of North Texas, the organization from where my parents adopted Thunder. Can I tell you how much fun this was? It was absolutely the cutest thing in the world. There had to be about 60 plus Westies at this little event and a lot were in costume. I was dying! This is why I told my mom that the dogs had to have costumes when I called and told her I was coming home... Thunder was a biker dude and Juno was a butterfly at first then switched to her bumble-bee. They were cuties. They had the best time ever and were absolutely exhausted afterwards.

"a house divided.. OU & UT"
these little guys were supporting their mama with ovarian cancer
a shark and a lobster
The Frye's, Larson's, and Craig's all got together that Saturday evening for some of Sheila's famous lasagna during the Ranger's game. Sunday was filled with church, batting practice at the batting cages, and hanging out with my parents. The Frye's made their adventure to the game that night, in which they carried the sign that I crafted for them. They made it on the bigscreen three times!! Mom and I hung out all day Monday and then Sheila and Nola came over for dinner on Monday during the Rangers game. Jordan and Tyler made their way back to the stadium for game five. Then us three college students headed out back to Virginia on Tuesday morning...

The sign... our pitcher that night has a sketchy mustache // photo credit to Sheila
Overall, it was such a wonderful weekend. I was definitely missing our families. It was great to be able to spend time with my parents and the dogs. It was a weekend to cherish!

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