Wednesday, November 9

It's [almost] that Wonderful Time of Year

Merry Christmas! 

Okay... not quite but pretty darn close. Did I scare anyone? I realize that we haven't celebrated Thanksgiving yet and I often do feel that this extravagant wonderful holiday is overlooked... often! However, when you are not going to be home over the majority of the Christmas season, it changes your outlook of when "the season" starts.

Jordan and I have a week left of classes until we go home to Texas for Thanksgiving, which we are so ready for, but then we are back in Lynchburg for only two weeks until we turn back around for the long awaited Christmas break.

Do you see my dilemma? We would only have TWO weeks to enjoy our tree if we put it up right when we got back from Thanksgiving Break... so we took the liberty to have our tree up for a week and a half longer... and put it up tonight with the very delightful Sarah. Well, if I am going to be honest, Sarah & I put the tree up. Jordan "observed" and "took pictures."

Notice: he is supposed to be taking pictures of the tree decorating occurring... :)
Sarah came over tonight just as I was finishing a batch of these delightful pumpkin scones and the Christmas music was blasted as the three of us tried to put the little tree together. A little Christmas mix was blasting with the voices of Michael Buble, N'sync, Chris Brown, Toby Mac, Will Smith, Christ Tomlin, and Justin Bieber. Yep, a pretty good mix! [Micheal's new Christmas CD is absolutely fabulous... I highly recommend it]

Not sure if Jordan quickly gave up or if we kicked him out... he wasn't fluffing the branches. He is a firm believer in the idea that Christmas trees are better "unfluffed." I am not exactly sure where he got this idea... but he's consistent with it. He said it last year too when he was helping me fluff the tree. I don't even think its a cop out of fluffing the tree... I think he is just silly. That's it.

So Sarah and I proceeded to rock out to Christmas tunes while hanging ornaments... then we were slightly distracted by the CMA awards... The final ornaments were hung to the tunes of our favorite Country music stars!
Some of my favorite ornaments: our topper [that I crafted tonight in about five minutes], two "love birds" [from mom], Our first Christmas wedding cake [from Sheila], Texas old tin roof [from Cottage In The Sun], and the sparkly rose ball 
More of my favorite ornaments: Our first Christmas with stockings [from Sheila], multi rose ball, Bride & groom [from my mom], rose snowflake, Rockefeller Christmas tree [from when we got engaged]
I am admitting that is is a little hard to get in that Christmas spirit when it was over 66 degrees the past two days. However, the Christmas Cheer has arrived to our little Frye home. Bummer, I just realized that I forgot to light my "Twinkling Tree" candle from Woodwick. wow. I was super excited for that. Well, guess I will have that light for the rest of the "season."

As we enter this Thanksgiving-Christmas season, I pray that you all remember the true reason that we celebrate these holy holidays. Yes, Thanksgiving is inspired by the pilgrims but I definitely take is the time to be grateful for all of God's blessings... for He is the only true reason that we can be thankful! Of course, Christmas brings to life the celebration of the reason we can have true joy, Jesus Christ.

Can't wait to truly indulge in these holidays this season with friends and family! Love y'all!

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